Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Southwire Made In America Angled Head High-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Plier

Southwire recently unveiled their new line of Made In America electrician’s hand tools and we’ve been pretty excited. For one thing, all of these new Southwire tools are Made in the USA products. In addition to bringing manufacturing work back stateside, the new lineup features the same commitment to quality and durability as their other products. One of the indispensable tools you find in an electrician’s bag is a diagonal cutting plier. For this line, it’s the Southwire Made in America Diagonal Cutting Pliers with an angled head, high leverage design.

So is it time to give Southwire a shot with a tool you know you’re going to use most every day? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Pliers Highlights


Constructed of American forged steel, the new Southwire Diagonal Cutting Pliers feature a hot-riveted pivot joint. Unlike a traditional cold rivet, a hot rivet is flush with the pliers and it’s what allows the smooth action of the jaws when you’re using them.

Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Plier

Living the High Leverage Life

The induction hardened blades on the Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Pliers are filed down to a precise angle. The company inspects each set of pliers to make sure that they will function in heavy duty applications. The longer handles give these the “High Leverage” designation. It’s a simple concept, really: the longer the handles, the more leverage you get. You also gain leverage by placing the rivet closer to the jaws. There’s certainly enough cutting power to make it through this Romex cable easily. The pliers can also cut through most hardened wire, nails, screws, and ACSR.

Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Plier

What’s Your Angle?

The entire reason you carry diagonal cutting pliers is to get into spaces that standard side cutting pliers have a hard time in. You get that benefit plus some extra along with a better line of sight thanks to the angled head. The angle also makes prying up nails a possibility if there isn’t a hammer readily available. They feature dipped handles that help grip the handle, even in dirty or greasy situations. That angled head takes what you normally get from diagonal cutters and makes things just a bit easier.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, these are effective, comfortable diagonal cutters to use that check all the boxes for Pros. And, of course, they’re Made in the USA. The Southwire Made in America Diagonal Cutting Plier will retail around $32, so you’ll save a few dollars over other premium brands. Backed by Southwire’s no-hassle lifetime warranty, there aren’t many excuses not to give them a shot.

Southwire Made In America Diagonal Cutting Pliers Features

  • Model Number: Southwire DCPA8D-US
  • Made from American forged steel for durability
  • Hot-riveted pivot joint for smooth, sturdy action
  • Effectively cuts most hardened wire, ACSR, bolts, screws, and nails
  • High-leverage design provides maximum cutting power
  • Angled head allows for easy work in confined spaces
  • Retail ~ $32

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