Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet Delivers Smaller Arc Swing

Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet

Recently, Stanley improved upon their line of automotive tools by introducing the Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet.  With twice the amount of teeth than a traditional 60 tooth ratchet, this ratchet requires half the arc swing to engage the pawls, providing better access to fasteners in tight spaces. The new ratchet features a grooved, ergonomic handle design for improved feel and greater control when fastening. It also has a low profile switch lever to prevent accidental switching. Available in two open stock models, 3/8″ and 1/2″, both models have extended handles for improved reach and leverage.  They are plated in black chrome to reduce rust and corrosion.  The Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet retails from $14.99 – $24.99, and is a great addition to the automotive enthusiast’s toolbox.


Isn’t A Ratchet Just A Ratchet?

While there might not be massive technological leaps in the world of ratchetry, there are benefits to the Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet over a standard 60 tooth ratchet. The main one is that the pawls catch twice as often, reducing the space needed to engage the ratchet.  This means easier tightening and loosening in compact spaces.  Also, with this model’s low profile lever, you would almost have to go out of your way to reverse the switch, which makes for less accidental switching at inopportune times.  The black chrome plating on this hot little number helps to avoid an emergency visit to the doctor’s office for a tetanus booster, as it resists rust and corrosion.  Additionally, I’ve never complained about a more ergonomic design; I don’t have arthritis yet, but anything that helps to delay the inevitable is a welcome thing.  So, while all ratchets accomplish the same function, the Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet will accomplish it more comfortably than most.

Stanley 120 Tooth Ratchet

Features & Benefits

  • Reversing, low-profile switch lever prevents accidental switching and allows for easy one-handed operation
  • Large quick release button for easy removal of sockets
  • Contoured handle design for comfort and control
  • Black chrome plating for rust and corrosion resistance
  • Dual Pawl mechanism for 2X better access in tight spaces versus traditional 60T gear

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