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Kincrome Club Hammer and Claw Hammers

Kincrome is a privately-owned Australian company that began back in 1987 and which now serves the Automotive, Industrial, and Hardware markets. They carry over 3500 line items, have over 215,000 square feet of warehouse space, and ship over 1,300 containers of tools per year. While Kincrome tools aren’t yet available in the USA, the company is growing fast enough to warrant looking into the US market—and we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen to-date. One of the more interesting tools is the Kincrome Club Hammer which we reviewed alongside their new claw hammers.


Kincrome Club Hammer Features

The Kincrome Club hammer is about as tough a tool as you’ll ever use. It comes with an “Unbreakable Guarantee” which is more than just a marketing gimmick. The Kincrome club hammer (we’d call this a mini sledge) features a hit rolled steel core that doesn’t bend easily—and probably won’t break even if you supply an inordinate amount of leverage to it. That core is actually four 5.5mm reinforced steel bars—it’s no wonder the Kincrome club hammer feels so well put-together.

Kincrome Club Hammer pliers

We love the grip. It’s easy to hold and doesn’t slip when you swing it. It’s designed symmetrically, so you can beat on both sides of the head, and the entire handle/head assembly is welded together, so you’re not going to see that heat-treated carbon steel head go flying—regardless of how many years you use the tool. This, of course, is all backed by Kincrome’s “Unbreakable” guarantee, so that if the handle breaks during use they’ll replace it free of charge. Incidentally, it’s rated to handle up to 22,000 pounds of force.

Quick Kincrome Club Hammer Specs

  • Hot rolled steel core
  • Textured rubber grip
  • Strike zone for increase strike accuracy
  • Dual striking faces
  • Heat treated carbon steel head
  • Head to core separation can withstand up to 10 tons of force
  • 4 x 5.5mm reinforced steel bars, fully welded, with 4 fixed retaining plates
  • Unbreakable guarantee

Kincrome’s “Unbreakable Guarantee” is extensive, but before you strap some C4 to your Kincrome club hammer to see what its limits are, realize that the guarantee is limited to damage to the product incurred as a result of standard operational use in an ordinary industrial environment. The club hammer must also be rendered unusable in order to qualify for replacement. It’s a real guarantee, but this mini sledge hammer is built so well we doubt anyone will have a legitimate claim under real-world use.


Check out this video of a tank running over the Kincrome IronKore Club Hammer positioned on a cinderblock…followed by three .22 caliber shots to the handle and a 42 foot drop onto a steel tool chest. I’m a believer—this hammer is unbreakable.

For more info on the Kincrome IronKore 4 lb Club Hammer check out their website.

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