Milwaukee Torque Lock Line Expands

Milwaukee Locking and Specialty Tools

We saw Milwaukee Torque Lock Pliers and Clamps for the first time two years ago and knew they were going to be something special. Jon Bucklew reviewed them and confirmed our suspicions, along with leaving us a standing request to get any more of the line Milwaukee might be willing to send his way. Milwaukee has announced 20 additional pliers and C-clamps as well as new specialty pliers. While there’s not really any new technology to talk about, there will be a wider variety of options available.

From the Locking Pliers category, you’ll see new sizes of curved jaw, straight jaw, and long nose models. Locking C-Clamps will gain members in the form of swivel and regular jaw sizes along with the addition of new deep reach models. Specialty tools will have some trade-specific designs with a locking seamer, a large jaw, chain wrench, and welder’s clamp.

Each of the new Milwaukee Torque Lock members feature a loop designed to help users torque down on material by using a screwdriver or other tool to provide additional leverage. The idea came about when Milwaukee’s team noticed users welding loops onto their locking pliers for the same benefit. Now with the the concept intentionally designed into the tool, you get all the benefits without voiding Milwaukee’s lifetime hand tool warranty.

Milwaukee Torque Lock Expansion Highlights

Milwaukee Torque Lock Expansion - Milwaukee 48-22-3542 Chain Wrench
Milwaukee 48-22-3542 Chain Wrench
  • Patented Torque Lock Design – for faster set-up and increased clamping force
  • Max Bite Pliers have powerful lower jaws that provide increased gripping force
  • Chrome plated design for rust protection and greater durability
  • New Deep Reach Clamps provide best clamp on large work pieces
  • All clamps feature a classic release lever for a secure hold that won’t loosen
  • Five new “Specialty” pliers including Locking Seamer, Large Jaw, Chain Wrench, and Welder’s Clamp

Full Milwaukee Torque Lock Expansion

Milwaukee Torque Lock Expansion - Milwaukee 48-22-3523 Deep Reach C-Clamps
Milwaukee 48-22-3523 Deep Reach C-Clamps
  • (48-22-3421) 7″ Torque Lock Curved Jaw
  • (48-22-3422) 5″ Torque Lock Curved Jaw
  • (48-22-3423) 4″ Torque Lock Curved Jaw
  • (48-22-3810) 10″ Torque Lock Straight Jaw Gripped
  • (48-22-3807) 7″ Torque Lock Straight Jaw Gripped
  • (48-22-3509) 9″ Torque Lock Long Nose
  • (48-22-3504) 4” Torque Lock Long Nose
  • (48-22-3710) 10″ Max Bite Gripped
  • (48-22-3707) 7″ Max Bite Gripped
  • (48-22-3529) 18″ Torque Lock Deep Reach Reg Jaws
  • (48-22-3520) 18″ Torque Lock Swivel Jaws
  • (48-22-3530) 18″ Torque Lock Reg Jaws
  • (48-22-3523) 9″ Torque Lock Deep Reach Swivel
  • (48-22-3533) 9″ Torque Lock Deep Reach Reg Jaws
  • (48-22-3631) 11″ Torque Lock Reg Jaws Gripped
  • (48-22-3632) 6″ Torque Lock Reg Jaws Gripped
  • (48-22-3540) 8″ Torque Lock Locking Seamer
  • (48-22-3541) Torque Lock Large Jaw
  • (48-22-3542) Torque Lock Chain Wrench
  • (48-22-3543) Torque Lock Welder’s Clamp

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