Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers 48-22-3068 Review Tool Reviews by Tool

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers 48-22-3068 Review

Having just taken a look at the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 combination pliers, we weren’t too thrown off guard by the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 long nose pliers 48-22-3068, which are a different tool, but similar in many ways. If anything, the 6 IN 1 long nose pliers feel like they are meant for things that are a bit more heavy duty. These pliers are 1/4″ thicker than the combination pliers, which is good since they can be used to pull nails.


Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers 48-22-3068 Features

We found that the design – particularly, the head of the tool which is squared off – does a pretty decent job at pulling nails out of wood. The pliers also work very well at stripping back the insulation on 12/2 and 12/10 electrical wire, but they can be a little awkward because the tool is so thick that the strippers are off to the one side of the tool. The difficulty with this is that you cannot tell which side you are on unless you look at the tool first and then strip the wire. If you’re not in the habit of placing the tool after you ID the correct side, you may find yourself having to strip the wire twice, which could slow you down a bit. Overall, this was one of our only nitpicky issues and shouldn’t pose much of a distraction or impediment to use because this tool already saves you time.

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers 48-22-3068

How? Because the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers 48-22-3068 also integrates a pipe reamer. At first I thought the reamer might get caught up since the tool is thicker, but the reamer works just as well as the one featured in the 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers. Again, it only takes care of the burrs on the inside of the conduit, but it did a great job on the 3/4” EMT conduit. Want more features? It also does a bang-up job of making a loop in the wire if you are working on wiring receptacles and switches. Ream, cut, strip, loop, pull – that’s not bad for a single tool.

The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 long nose pliers is really is a good tool if you are an electrician and need something heavy duty in the field. I really enjoy having it in my tool pouch at work and have recommended to other electricians to go buy one as well.


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