Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers 48-22-3069 Review Tool Reviews by Tool

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers 48-22-3069 Review

For years Milwaukee has made different types of power tools, but now they are releasing a new line of hand tools into the market. What’s more – they are targeting, seemingly, electricians and other contractors who run conduit and strip cable on a regular basis. If you have ever seen the Klein needle nose pliers, you’ll recall that it comes with a wire stripper (meant for 12 AWG solid copper wire). The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 combination pliers 48-22-3069 takes the traditional needle nose pliers and adds five different sizes of wire strippers. For the most part, wire strippers are all the same. They have the five different sizes of wire you can cut, most of them have the screw cutters, and they are always very thin. These are definitely different. So as an electrician, my question is: Has Milwaukee truly made a set of tools that actually works well in the field for professional electricians? And if I had to pick a follow-up, it would be: Are they setting a new standard for the competition, and are these multi-purpose tools better than the multiple tools they combine and replace?


Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers 48-22-3069 Features

When I received the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 combination pliers 48-22-3069, the very first thing that I noticed was that it had all 5 standard sizes of wire strippers. I had never seen anything like this before. So, out of curiosity, I went and got some wire I had lying around and stripped it back. It cut the insulation off the wire very easily and it did not leave any scaring on the copper. It was also nice that after I stripped back the wire, I could also put a loop in it immediately if I had to wire up a receptacle or light switch using the included loop-maker.

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers

The only thing to watch out for is that, if you are going to be stripping a lot of wires in a row, your hand will get a workout because of the spring. It could be toned down a bit, but it will not make a difference if you are only stripping back a few wires at a time. Another part that I found interesting about the tool was the locking mechanism. I really liked that it was not a little clip on the side of the tool that would break off in a few weeks, but that it was a piece in the middle that locked it and clicked into place. I do wish that they made it out of metal instead of plastic, but then again these Milwaukee hand tools carry a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, take it back!

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers 48-22-3069

The reaming mechanism of the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 combination pliers was decent. It did well getting rid of the burrs on the inside of the conduit, but I wish there was a way to have it get rid of the burrs on the outside too. Finally, let’s not forget about the pliers. These really got me out of a bind one day. I was pulling a fish tape back to a main panel with about seventeen #12 AWG wires. Right at the very end the fish tape broke away from the wires leaving everything a little over an inch away from my reach. Usually I wouldn’t be able to grab onto it with a traditional needle nose pliers, but because the head of these pliers are smaller than your typical pliers it turned a frustrating experience into a successful one.


After using the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 combination pliers I must admit that I now want one of these in my tool pouch at all times. It is a great tool that does a lot well – and all with just grabbing the one Combination Pliers. If I owned my own electric company I would buy one of these for every employee because it would eventually pay for itself in time saved. At around $33 it’s a tool you can’t afford to be without and is definitely one of our top favorites of the new Milwaukee hand tools.

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