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Knipex Forged Wire Strippers

Knipex Forged Wire Strippers with Locating Ridges

Wire Stripping Redefined How many different ways can we really reinvent the wire stripper, really? If the Knipex Forged Wire Strippers are any indication…at least one more time. However, in this case, the classic electrician’s hand tool might not need to go through any more refinement. We really like the choices Knipex made with this […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Wurth Zebra Wire Stripping Pliers Review (071401550)

Wurth Zebra Wire Stripping Pliers Review (071401550)

Wurth Zebra Wire Stripping Pliers Fit Where Standard Strippers Can’t While Wurth Zebra Wire Stripping Pliers come from a brand that targets the automotive sector, the design is something electricians across multiple trades should consider. Pros Jaw tip stripping/cutting design fits into super-tight spots Easy thumbwheel adjustments Second thumbwheel locks stripping diameter for serial strips […]

Channelock Forged Wire Strippers

Channellock 968 Forged Wire Strippers

Channellock Showcases Strength with Forged Wire Strippers Created with those in the automotive, HVAC, and electrical fields in mind, the Channellock 968 Forged Wire Strippers expand the brand’s line of specialty hand tools. Made from 100% forged U.S. steel, these wire strippers should provide plenty of strength and quality for any wire stripping needs. The […]

Southwire Made in America Romex Stripper | SNM1214HH-US

Southwire Adds Box Jaw Romex Stripper to Made in America Line Rather than having to try to work a knife or a standard set of strippers awkwardly into an electrical panel box, Southwire’s patent-pending Box Jaw Wire Stripper lets you comfortably and safely strip Romex flush against the back of the panel box. It gives […]

Southwire Forged Wire Strippers

Southwire Forged Wire Stripper

The Southwire Forged Wire Stripper is feature-rich and built tough with heavy-duty forged steel. If you already read our review of Southwire’s Romex stripper, you’re going to see a lot of similarities and that’s a good thing. PROS Durable forged steel construction Wide jaw has aggressive knurling for secure gripping and twisting Scalloped cutting knives hold […]

Klein Kurve Wire Stripper Crimper

Klein Kurve Wire Stripper Crimper – 1019

It seems like every couple of weeks we’ve got a new set of wire strippers to look at, and they’re all generally coming from one of two companies. Some of the new models we receive will emphasize ergonomics, some emphasize an improved range of stripping gauges, and some emphasize an effort at improving manufacturing and […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Klein Hybrid Pliers J215-8CR Vogue

Klein Hybrid Pliers with Crimper

It’s clear that working efficiently is the key to happy customers and more invoices. But ways to streamline our work don’t always jump out at us when we’ve always done it that way. I have a tool pouch with wire strippers/cutters, pliers, crimpers, and maybe some screw shears. How much more efficient can I be? […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Klein Tools Kurve 8-18 AWG Heavy Duty Wire Stripper

Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper 8-18 AWG

Klein has a remarkably deep bench of hand tools with over one hundred fifty types of pliers alone. More than fifty of those are strippers/cutters/crimpers. Today, I have one of the brand’s newest additions, the Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper. The “Kurve” moniker is a stylized reference to the curve in one of the asymmetric handles designed for […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper

Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper Review

Everyone knows that Klein Tools is no slouch in the tool-making business, but the question for multi-function tools always revolves around whether the tool can perform each of its functions as well as a dedicated tool would. Today, I’ve got just such a tool in the brand new Klein Tools Long Nose Wire Stripper Crimper. But […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Milwaukee Electrician Snips

Milwaukee Electrician Snips Review

For those of you in the electrical, installation, telecom, and network fields, Milwaukee has a new lineup of various VDV handtools and accessories. As one of the first releases in this series, the Milwaukee Electrician Snips adds some additional functionality to your standard wire snips. While there’s not much here on the feature side that […]