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Milwaukee RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 Batteries

As the name suggests, Milwaukee RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 batteries indicate a new 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah capacity for Milwaukee’s M12 and M18 batteries. These RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 batteries are the new 6th generation packs that last longer and put out more current. The 2.0 batteries feature a massive 33% increase in the Ah rating for the former standard or compact batteries and the XC4.0 batteries provide the same level of increase (33%) for the XC (eXtended Capacity) batteries. That takes the compact or standard battery from 1.5Ah to 2.0Ah and the XC batteries from 3.0Ah to a full 4.0Ah. The changes are due to better cell construction and pack performance as well as enhancements to the monitoring electronics. You get a lot more work done with these lithium-ion batteries per charge.


Milwaukee RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 Batteries

But this presents an interesting potential… You see, with the right calibration and components, certain 12V tools, for the first time ever, are going to have at least the capability to meet or surpass their first generation 18V counterparts. Take a 12V tool with a 4.0Ah XC battery—like the new Milwaukee M12 FUEL HackZall—that new tool now has the run-time and/or power potential of some of your old school 1.6Ah Li-ion drills of yesteryear. It’s no wonder Milwaukee was so excited when they debuted their new tools and this new battery technology to us at this year’s media event.

Milwaukee RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 batteries

Combined with brushless motor technology (did you see our announcement of Milwaukee Tools’ new line of brushless 12V tools?), the new 4.0Ah XC batteries fundamentally change the potential of 12V tools in a way nothing else before has. The ganged-up run-time gains from both brushless efficiency and the increased Ah capacity means that these new batteries have over 50% more power that can be balanced and tuned for a new mix of increased torque/power and/or extended run-time.

Milwaukee RedLithium M12 2.0 and XC4.0 batteries

The new Milwaukee RedLithium 2.0 and XC4.0 batteries speak to the ability to provide up to 2X more run-time, 20% more power and over 2X more recharges than standard Lithium-Ion batteries. The new Milwaukee batteries also continue to deliver durability when run in temperatures that fall below 0°F/-18°C. The new batteries will be available this winter on both the M12 and M18 platforms and will trickle into Milwaukee’s new tools, including their new line of Milwaukee M12 Brushless tools. In this way, users will be able to instantly upgrade the run-time and durability of the M12 and M18 tools they already own, simply by switching to the new RedLithium 2.0 or XC4.0 battery packs.

Here is the RedLithium 2.0/XC4.0 model line-up:

  • M12 RedLithium 2.0 (48-11-2420)
  • M12 RedLithium XC4.0 (48-11-2440)
  • M18 RedLithium 2.0 (48-11-1820)
  • M18 RedLithium XC4.0 (48-11-1840)

2.0 and XC4.0 battery pack pricing is yet to be determined, but there will be a slight premium over the standard packs. We’re looking forward to checking out these new batteries and seeing where the real-world performance levels line-up.


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