Milwaukee Battery Warranty Period – Every Model and Pack Listed

Milwaukee battery warranty

We thought the Milwaukee battery warranty policy was fairly straightforward—until we looked into it. As it turns out, the company has different warranties for different batteries. How long the Milwaukee battery warranty is for each pack depends on the model(s) you purchased.

The good news: Every Milwaukee battery pack sold comes with a warranty. This includes standalone purchases as well as any battery packaged as part of a cordless product or tool kit.

The batteries only get warranted to the original purchaser, however. Milwaukee also only warranties them to be free from defects in material and workmanship. That means you can’t return your battery under warranty if you dropped it from a 12-foot ladder onto concrete or you left it out in the bed of your truck overnight during a rainstorm. They also won’t likely repair anything you’ve already tried to “fix” yourself.

What Happens Under a Warranty Claim?

If Milwaukee determines the battery qualifies for warranty service, they will repair or replace the battery pack. However, you need to first return the battery pack to a Milwaukee factory service center or authorized service station, freight prepaid, and insured. At that point, the warranty process begins.

When making a Milwaukee battery warranty claim, include a copy of the proof of purchase when shipping it back.

How Long are Milwaukee Batteries Warrantied?

Interestingly, the length of a Milwaukee battery warranty really depends on the battery pack you purchased. Below is an exhaustive list of batteries with their descriptions and the associated warranty periods. Some of these might surprise you—particularly if you thought all Milwaukee batteries carried a 3-year warranty. The following warranty periods apply specifically to the USA and Canada.

Cat.  No. DescriptionWarranty
MXFXC406MX FUEL XC406 (6 Ah)2 years
MXFCP203MX FUEL CP203 (3 Ah)2 years
48-11-1812M18 High Output HD12.0 Ah3 years
(Serial # >=”B41E”)
M18 RedLithium XC (3.0 Ah)3 years
48-11-1840M18 RedLithium XC4.0 Ah3 years
48-11-1850M18 RedLithium XC5.0 Ah3 years
48-11-1860M18 RedLithium XC6.0 Ah3 years
48-11-1865M18 High Output XC6.0 Ah3 years
48-11-1880M18 High Output XC8.0 Ah3 years
48-11-1890M18 High Demand 9.0 Ah3 years
48-11-2402M12 XC High Capacity (3.0 Ah)3 years
48-11-2440M12 XC 4.0 Ah Extended Capacity3 years
48-11-2460M12 XC6.03 years
(Serial # “C71”)
M28 RedLithium3 years
48-11-04904 Volt Lithium-Ion2 years
48-11-1815M18 Compact (1.5 Ah)2 years
48-11-1820M18 CP2.0 Ah2 years
48-11-1835M18 High Output CP3.0 Ah2 years
48-11-2001M4 2.0 Ah2 years
48-11-2401M12 CP1.5 Ah2 years
48-11-2420M12 CP2.0 Ah2 years
48-11-2430M12 3.0 Ah Compact2 years
(Serial # <=”B41D”)
M18 RedLithium XC (3.0 Ah)2 years + 3 years prorated*
(Serial # “A95”)
V18 Lithium-Ion2 years + 3 years prorated*
(Serial # “A71”)
M28 RedLithium2 years + 3 years prorated*
48-11-01002.4V Ni-Cd1 year
48-11-102414.4V 2.4Ah Ni-Cd1 year
48-11-1830V18 Lithium-Ion1 year
48-11-197012V 2.4Ah Ni-Cd1 year
48-11-223018V 2.4Ah Ni-Cd1 year

*The Fine Print

The warranty period is 5 years / 2000 charges from the date of purchase, whichever first occurs. The first 1000 charges or 2 years of the warranty, whichever first occurs, are covered through free replacement of the defective battery. This means that for the earlier of the first 1000 charges or 2 years from the date of purchase/first charge, Milwaukee sends a replacement battery to the customer for any defective battery free of charge.

Thereafter, the remaining charges up to a total of 2000 or the remainder of the 5 year period from the date of purchase, whichever first occurs, will be covered on a pro-rata basis. This means that every customer gets an additional 1000 charges or 3 years of pro-rata warranty on these battery packs, depending upon the amount of use.

Do I Need to Register My Battery?

According to Milwaukee Tool, you do not need to register your battery pack in order to receive warranty service. However, Milwaukee uses the manufacturing date of the product to determine the warranty period if you cannot provide proof of purchase at the time you request warranty service. Our recommendation, therefore, is to save your receipts and file them somewhere in case you need them.


We’d like to keep this list updated. If Milwaukee adds a new battery that you don’t see here—please leave a comment below and let us know. We’ll add the information as quickly as possible. And, of course, all Milwaukee cordless M12/M18 power tools carry (as far as we’re aware) a 5-year warranty. That warranty differs a bit once you get into some of their other products like hand tools and pneumatic systems, so be sure to check the website if you’re uncertain as to whether your tool is still under warranty.

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