April 22, 2021

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Milwaukee Super Charger | Here’s How Fast It Charges M18 Batteries

Milwaukee Super Charger

Milwaukee Super Charger Makes Charging M12 and M18 Batteries up to 4x Faster

Advancements in battery and charger technology fuse to create the new Milwaukee Super Charger. It handles both M12 and M18 batteries to make charging up to 4x quicker.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-59-1811
  • Price: $159
  • Available: July 2019
  • Charges High Output 6.0 batteries in 35 minutes and 12.0 Ah batteries in just 60 minutes

Get to Know What the Milwaukee Super Charger is …

The Milwaukee Super Charger is throwing around some crazy-fast charging times. Their 8.0 Ah High Output battery goes through a full cycle in 45 minutes and the 12.0 Ah High Output pack needs just 1 hour.

That’s a big improvement over the Rapid Charger and even more over the standard one. Here’s how they compare:

HD12.0 High Output

  • Standard Charger: 241 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 130 minutes
  • Super Charger: 60 minutes

XC8.0  High Output – NEW! 48-11-1880 ($199 single)

  • Standard Charger: 153 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 83 minutes
  • Super Charger: 45 minutes

XC6.0 High Output

  • Standard Charger: 119 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 64 minutes
  • Super Charger: 35 minutes

Table of Batteries, Chargers, and Charge Times

Standard ChargerRapid ChargerSuper Charger
HD12.0*241 min130 min60 min
XC8.0*153 min83 min45 min
XC6.0*119 min64 min35 min
CP3.0*65 min35 min35 min
HD9.0184 min103 min103 min
XC5.0105 min60 min60 min
CP2.042 min25 min25 min
M12 XC3.055 min46 min46 min
M12 CP2.043 min30 min30 min

*Optimized High Output batteries.

Milwaukee Super Charger

… and Isn’t

The big deal to get Milwaukee’s High Output batteries producing more watts is three-fold: 21700 lithium-ion cells, upgrades to the electronics, and upgrades to the pack construction.

When we say that the Milwaukee Super Charger results from the fusion of battery and charger technology, it’s not just a statement. The batteries that don’t have the High Output Upgrades can’t handle the super-fast charging rates and they revert to the Rapid Charger times.

The caveat is the 3.0 Ah High Output Pack charges at Rapid Charger pace even though it’s an HO pack.

Here’s the breakdown:

CP3.0 High Output – NEW! 48-11-1835 ($99 single, $149 two pack)

  • Standard Charger: 65 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 35 minutes
  • Super Charger: 35 minutes

HD9.0 High Demand

  • Standard Charger: 184 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 103 minutes
  • Super Charger: 103 minutes


  • Standard Charger: 105 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 60 minutes
  • Super Charger: 60 minutes


  • Standard Charger: 42 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 25 minutes
  • Super Charger: 25 minutes

M12 XC3.0

  • Standard Charger: 55 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 46 minutes
  • Super Charger: 46 minutes

M12 CP2.0

  • Standard Charger: 43 minutes
  • Rapid Charger: 30 minutes
  • Super Charger: 30 minutes

Additional Features

  • Slow green flash at 80% charge
  • Hang holes on the back
  • Sequential charging when you have one M18 and one M12 battery inserted


At the moment, you need to pick up the Milwaukee Super Charger as a separate item for $159 and comes with a 5-year warranty. As the line of tools taking advantage of High Demand batteries grows, it’ll be interesting to see if the Super Charger comes in any kits, perhaps as part of two-battery HD set.

We’re also looking forward to a multi-port charger somewhere down the road. NPS20? We’ll have to wait and see.

Whether or not you should buy one is dependent on what batteries you use. If you’re investing the more powerful M18 Fuel tools using High Demand batteries, definitely consider it. But if you’re mainly using M12, 2.0 Ah, and 5.0 Ah packs, you’re better off with the Rapid Charger.


  • Model: Milwaukee 48-59-1811
  • Price: $159
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available: July 2019
  • Length: 7.08″
  • Height: 3.07″
  • Width: 9.13″
  • Weight: 3.38 lbs

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Sonny Allen

I have a rapid charger and it is twice as fast if not more then your regular charger or any other charger by another brand and no it does not affect the life of your batteries stay with Milwaukee people is the best of the line

Stuart Colquhoun

Craig Gullane check this out

Jackson Gregg

All I needed to see is that it’s $160 and only faster with the 6.0 and larger batteries. Most people run the 5.0 and smaller batteries the most.


“The batteries that don’t have the High Demand Upgrades can’t handle the super-fast charging rates and they revert to the Rapid Charger times.” Not quite true. The HD9.0 is High Demand (thus, the “HD”) but it charges no faster on the Super Charger. I thought you meant to write “the batteries that don’t have the High Output” designation, but that’s not completely true either, since the High Output CP3.0 charges no faster on the Super Charger. To benefit from the Super Charger, apparently a battery must be High Demand and High Output. And that applies to only three current and… Read more »

Matthew Cormio

Great way to kill batteries and sell more.

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