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Surecan Gas Can Review

Surecan Gas Can Feature
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 8.5
  • Ergonomics 9.0
  • Performance 9.5
  • Value 8.5

Short of waving a magic wand and having a heavy gas can fill a tank on its own, I don't know that you'll find a better designed can than the Surecan. The rotating nozzle and handle trigger allow you to let gravity do the work while you stand tall and save your back.

Overall Score 8.9 (out of 10)

Gas cans have been around pretty much since the invention of the combustion engine. There’s not much innovation to be seen there…right? If we’re honest, we went from metal cans to plastic. Oh, and we added a spout to make pouring easier. But that’s about as much gas can tool innovation we’ve seen—until now. Take a 1 gallon gas can to fill your mower. It’s no big deal. The weight of the gas really isn’t that much to work with. Move up to a 2 gallon or a 5 gallon can, and we’re talking some awkward positioning to keep from spilling gas everywhere. That’s where the Surecan gas can comes in.

With gas weighing at about 6 pounds per gallon (2 pounds less than a comparable amount of water for anyone interested), that 30 pound, 5 gallon gas can has made most of us curse at one time or another. Surecan moves the spout to the bottom of the can where gravity can take over without making us bend. The nozzle swings up to the top of the Surecan when it’s not in use. A trigger mechanism integrated near the handle allows your holding hand to operate the gas flow. For filling, there’s a traditional childproof cap on the back in addition to the childproof nozzle cap. Don’t worry—we’ll show you how it works in the photos below.

I’d love to tell you that I figured out all the construction materials myself, but I got a little help from Denny Koop at Surecan on that one.

“The actual tank part of the can, the red stuff, is manufactured through a multi-layer HDPE blow molding process that insures zero permeation through the the side walls. The other parts are made of different materials ranging from nylon to steel, fiberglass filled nylon, aluminum, and viton seals and o-rings. The bulkhead where the rotating nozzle meets the valve is plastic welded to the opening in the can and the nozzle is double o-ringed with a large nut and locking pin to prevent loosening over time. The patented thumb trigger includes a child safety that can be operated with one hand, but also locks as soon as you let go. Depressing that thumb trigger also simultaneously opens a vent at the top to prevent glugging or gurgling, which again, seals as soon as you let go.”

– Denny Koop, Surecan

Surecan Gas Can Specifications

  • Container Material: 6-layer, high density polyethelene
  • Available Sizes/Styles: 2.2 gallon gas, 5 gallon gas, 5 gallon diesel
  • Pricing: 2.2 gallon – $36.99, 5 gallon – $44.99
  • Warranty: 1 year

Using the Surecan Gas Can

Surecan Gas Can Nozzle

The Surecan gas can is certainly innovative and looks to make filling gas tanks easier. Like you, I want to know how well it works before dropping $45 on a gas can. I was able to get my hands on both the 2.2 and 5 gallon sizes for testing. With engines to feed from motor bikes to my Husqvarna RZ54i Zero Turn Mower and several in between, I’ll be able to see how well the Surecan works in a variety of environments.

The nozzle was a little smaller than I anticipated, but it didn’t seem to affect the ability to efficiently transfer gas. The child proof threaded cap is similar to a medicine bottle. You have to press down as you turn to get it loose. I found the nozzle cap to be a little difficult to open, though it’s become easier the more I use it. The nozzle rotates easily to the filling position. Typically, I would use a second hand under my gas can to support the weight and help balance it. While it isn’t obvious in pictures, there’s a hand hold exactly where I normally place my hand on the bottom of the 5 gallon Surecan.

Surecan Gas Can Nozzle Cap

It’s said that the thumb trigger can be operated one-handed. It can be a little awkward to get used to. While I don’t count it a knock against the Surecan, I still use both hands to release the safety. You’ll still get those last few drops leaving the nozzle once you let the trigger go. It’s not anywhere close to the spillage I normally get. Just a couple of seconds to let it finish its business, rotate the nozzle back around, and it’s very possible to fill the tank without spilling a single drop.

Surecan Gas Can 5 Gallon


Surecan Gas Can 2.2 Gallon

The Surecan is a genius product in a category I just hadn’t thought would see much innovation. It really does make filling easier and cleaner. Particularly with the 5 gallon tank, the awkward positions I would have to bend to in order to keep the can balanced is gone. My back is very grateful for that. The question that a lot of people are going to be asking is if the Surecan is worth the price. You’re going to pay $20 for a traditional 5 or 6 gallon can to begin with, so we’re talking a little more than double the cost. For the work I need to get done, yeah, it’s worth the premium price point to me.

In addition to online sales, there are some regional mom and pop stores that carry the Surecan. It’s not likely to stay that way. As the Utah based company increases its production, look for the big box stores to take notice. If you hustle, Surecan is currently offering 20% off until October 11th, 2015.

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allen k jensen

thought it was over priced but needed a clean delivery system for d.e.f.. worked awesome for that purpose initially. after about two months of weekly use the outflow started slowing to where now only a trickle comes out. took it back to the store where they informed me the warranty was an online thing. ok, filled out a warranty claim form. three days no response, tried calling… no answer- ok, that’s about what I expected. I will try and find a different company to purchase from


my leaks at bottom where spout comes out of can


If you want one that will last , don’t buy it. Expensive for one that doesn’t last.


Where can I order replacement spout for 5 gal Sure Can gas can.



Does the Surecan have a UL listing?

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