ProGrade Deep Impact Socket Set Accessory Reviews

Allied Tools Pro-Grade Impact Sockets Review

Pro-Grade Impact Sockets From Allied Tools Are Budget-Friendly and Backed with a Lifetime Warranty

Whether you really believe in impact sockets or have just been tool-shamed into the market, the waters are muddy. What’s the difference between premium brands racing teams use and something that’s a lot easier on your wallet? I think that’s a great question, so I have some of Allied Tools’ Pro-Grade impact sockets to see what they have to offer.


  • Easy on your wallet
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to see laser etching
  • Good build quality for this price point


  • Not as thick a build as premium impact sockets


With a reasonable price tag, quality build, and lifetime warranty, there’s no reason to shy away from Pro-Grade impact sockets. They go toe-to-toe with DeWalt and come out a little better in my book. 


Through Thick and Thin

One of the first things I look for on any impact socket is how thick it is. When a socket fails, it usually cracks rather than sending out an explosion of razor-sharp chrome like the internet would have you believe. Still, that chrome really is sharp when it comes off of the socket and it’s not something you find on impact sockets.

But I digress…

ProGrade Deep Impact Socket Set

Thicker is better on sockets. As long as you have quality steel and heat treatment processes, you can base a lot on thickness. For example, our Sonic Tools impact sockets are quite a bit thicker and more expensive than our DeWalt ones.

ProGrade Deep Impact Socket Set

Pro-Grade impact sockets are a little thicker than DeWalt’s. Putting their two 15mm deep sockets side-by-side, Pro-Grade has about a millimeter greater thickness. It’s a small amount, but enough that it should last a bit longer, assuming the two steels are equal in strength.

Digging Deeper

All of our impact sockets have a matte finish that’s not as smooth feeling as chrome. Pro-Grade impact sockets have a glossy finish thanks to their electrodeposition – part of the electroplating process.

ProGrade Deep Impact Socket Set

This is mainly for appearance over their chrome vanadium steel blend that also makes the sockets easier to clean. They are slicker than their matte counterparts, though.

The finish is darker than the more charcoal color of our other impact sockets. Combined with laser etching, the markings pop more and are easier to see. Even with my so-so vision, I don’t have a problem reading the size and model at an arm’s length.

Pro-Grade Impact Sockets

Allied Tools specs their sockets to meet or exceed ANSI standards for hardness and torque. To ensure it, they are manufactured in Taiwan rather than China.



You can pick up Allied Tools Pro-Grade impact sockets from online retailers and there are other farm and ranch stores around the country that carry them as well. You can find the 7-piece deep socket sets in SAE and metric for around $25. That’s right in line with where DeWalt is and pretty reasonable.

ProGrade Deep Impact Socket Set

Like DeWalt (and others), there’s a lifetime warranty if you happen to break one.

The Bottom Line

With a reasonable price tag, quality build, and lifetime warranty, there’s no reason to shy away from Pro-Grade impact sockets. They go toe-to-toe with DeWalt and come out a little better in my book.


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Paul Decker

When are socket manufacturers going to put the size markings in 3 to 4 places around the socket so that regardless of how you store them the size will be visible. Sorry I am using this forum for this but perhaps a tool company will see this comment and take heed.

David S

Having a lifetime warranty is great as long as the company is still in business if and when you need to exchange a tool. Ease of exchanging is another thing to consider; if you have to jump through hoops or drive well out of your way to replace a tool, it’s both frustrating and time consuming, and time is money.