Dremel 1200-01 Glue Gun Glue & Heat Gun Reviews

Dremel 1200-01 Glue Gun Kit

For those unfamiliar with the entire Dremel product line-up, you may not think of this company when considering the purchase of a glue gun. Dremel has been consistently positioning itself as a company focused on the hobbyist. How this manifests itself is through a selection of affordable tools that allow many different aspects of some of the more popular hobbies out there. In the case of the glue gun, Dremel is appealing to those working with anything from thick fabrics to dried flowers, styrofoam, wood and plastic materials. The Dremel 1200-01 glue gun kit is one of the more updated and easy to use tools on the market.


Now, we’re not here to give a dissertation on glue guns in general (at least not in this article) but the Dremel 1200-01 glue gun kit is both simplistic and ergonomic. It shows indications of being durable and a tool that will endure through moderate use. Dual temperature settings allow users to complete a wide variety of projects with the most popular glue stick types. The tip is made to resist dripping (don’t bet on it) and it is also made of silicon, so as to protect against accidental burns. I still have scar from a plastic burn of many years ago, so I’ll tip my hat to them on this feature. A discrete on/off switch means you can turn off the glue gun without having to unplug it. Red and green LEDs indicate power and the readiness of the gun.

Dremel Glue Gun CU2

The physical Dremel glue gun itself has a nice soft-grip handle and a trigger that lets you use more than just your index finger. This is going to allow you extended use of the tool without relying on a herculean index finger. You can also set the tool down since it has a plastic drop stand that, combined with the handle base, keeps the tool upright when not in use.

The Dremel 1200-01 glue gun kit is a cool tool for those looking for a casual-use glue gun. For something destined for a heavy-duty workout, you’ll want a more robust model with a more consistent delivery – something the cheaper models lack.


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