TigerRip 1000 Rip System from TigerStop


TigerStop has announced the availability of the new TigerRip 1000 Rip System. According to the folks at TigerStop, the new TigerRip is designed to give smaller shops the advantage of the same kind of equipment that are usually only affordable for large operations.

“Large shops rely a great deal on highly sophisticated, automated saw systems to help them maximize yield, increase efficiency and ensure accuracy,” says company founder and President, Spencer Dick. “With TigerRip 1000, we’ve now made that same level of technology, efficiency, and performance affordable for the small to medium-sized shop.”

The TigerRip 1000 is loaded with features. The integrated printer labels each piece as it is cut to eliminate confusion. Progress tracking allows the user to quickly check lineal or square footage. The system can be set up for single batch operation or optimized to do multiple jobs. The design and automation keeps the user further away from the saw blade, minimizing the risk of laceration injuries.

Saving the best for last, the TigerRip’s greatest money saving feature is in its Dynamic Optimization. Many of the technical details of how this works is a proprietary secret, but the system saves money by eliminating waste. The user marks defects with a crayon and as the Dynamic Optimization learns, it will make the necessary cuts from random widths and lengths while avoiding the bad parts of the material.

As you can see in the video, the TigerRip System is an automated, computer based system that allows the user to create precise rip cuts. For more information, visit TigerStop’s website.

TigerRip 1000 Summary

  • Dynamic Optimization – helps save money by minimizing waste
  • Progress Tracking – keeps track of lineal footage on fixed width pieces and square footage of panel pieces
  • Work Piece Labeling – built in inkjet printer labels each piece as is comes off
  • Lean Production – rip only what you need for a single job or batch
  • Optimized Production – batch together multiple jobs
  • Improved Safety – the user is kept further away from the blade

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