CAMO Edge Pro from National Nail Corporation

CAMO Edge Pro

CAMO Edge Pro Hides Deck Fasteners from a Standing Position

Building a deck just got easier thanks to the CAMO Edge Pro System from National Nail Corporation’s CAMO division. If you’ve ever built a deck, you’re already familiar with many of the issues and complications that go along with it. Three of the big ones are dealt specifically with this system: hiding fasteners, split deck boards, and spending the day on your knees.

When it comes to hiding fasteners, there are a couple of options that are popular. The most basic is to simply sink the screw down below the surface, but that still leaves holes all over the place. For PVC deck boards, there are plug systems that work fairly well. The CAMO Edge Pro System thinks outside the box of traditional fastening by going at it from the edge and driving screws in at an angle. The screw is always placed correctly thanks to the 90 degree angled end of the tool that sets it in place. Check out the video to see how quickly that works!

When you drive a screw into a deck board, especially close to the end, the wood has a tendency to split. If you’re
looking for a professional finish to your deck, that board get thrown out to avoid the unsightly look. The angled side fastening technique of the CAMO Edge Pro also helps eliminate those splits deck boards.

When you take a look at the CAMO Edge Pro System, it reminds me a bit of a really large screw gun. The power source is a Milwaukee drill attached to a long shaft. The end holds the collated 2-3/8 inch Hidden Fasteners in place for quick installation. The design of the system means that you can take care of your installation from a standing position, giving your knees and back a break.

For more information, take a look at CAMO’s website and check out the video!

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