Bosch BAT622 6 Ah 18V Battery Pack

Bosch BAT622 6Ah battery pack

Need more run-time? Bosch just released its new BAT622 which is, as far as we can tell, the industry’s first 6.0 Ah 18V lithium-ion battery pack. It goes without saying that the Bosch BAT622 battery is going to increase productivity and maximizing how long you can use cordless tools in the field. The Bosch BAT622 is also, based on our experience with it at the 2015 Bosch media event at this year’s World of Concrete, the same size and weight as its 3.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, and more recent Bosch 5.0Ah battery packs. That makes this an incredibly well-designed lithium-ion battery pack that has a ton of engineering behind it—particularly with respect to heat dissipation and management.

Bosch BAT622 Battery Technology

Bosch BAT622 battery technology

Like other Bosch batteries, this new Bosch BAT622 battery technology continues to work with each individual tool’s internal electronics to regulate the proper voltage draw when the torque goes up and the speed goes down. Bosch calls this their “EM” system, and it monitors heating of both the tool and the battery, shutting down either system if and when the temperature reaches an unsafe level. This protects both your tools and your battery so that you don’t get premature failure or permanent damage. Bosch’s battery still has 10 cells, relying on increased energy density to deliver the additional amp-hours of work. This is different than the new Milwaukee 9.0 Ah battery which uses 15 offset cells to deliver a considerably greater amount of power, but with a slight increase of the pack height.

Bosch BAT622 battery expanded

“As the worldwide leader in battery technology, Bosch continues to offer first-to-market battery solutions. Bosch has increased runtime while keeping the size and weight the same from the first lithium-ion batteries launched more than seven years ago to our 6.0 Ah pack today.”

Tim Truesdale, product manager, batteries, chargers and wireless

Aside from being lightweight and longer-running, the new Bosch BAT622 currently has the highest known watt-hour rating in its class.

Bosch BAT622 battery fuel gauge

Bosch BAT622 Battery Pack Features

  • Up to 45 percent more runtime than 4.0 Ah battery packs
  • CoolPack heat conductive housing
  • Compatibility with the complete line of Bosch 18V lithium-ion power tools
  • Single-cell monitoring
  • Onboard fuel gauge
  • Temperature use: > -4ºF
  • MSRP: $129

For more information about the BAT622 visit online.

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