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Ridgid Dual-Port Charger Review

Ridgid Dual-Port Charger

Alright, I get it. A charger is a charger, right? I reckon that a lot of us probably think that the only real difference between chargers comes down to how quickly one can recharge a battery. Sure, recharge times can make or break a charger, or at least determine how likely it is that I’ll buy one over another. The quality of a particular brand, as well as their battery platform, will go a long way to helping me make a decision. Of course, if my favorite brand really only has one charging option, I don’t have much of a decision ahead of me. Well, every so often something intriguing comes along, and this time, it’s a Ridgid dual-port charger. So, for those folks who have already bought into the company’s cordless line, you’re in luck. Because the Ridgid Gen5x 18 Volt Dual Sequential Charger has the sort of recharging capabilities, as well as extra features, that will make you happy that you’re a Ridgid customer.

It’s A Charger, What’s The Big Deal?

Well, first off, the price is right. Walking out of the store with a new Ridgid dual-port charger will only set you back a manageable $79. Ridgid’s pricing makes for a pretty good deal, but the fun doesn’t stop with pricing.

It comes with two USB ports right on the front panel.  This feature allows you to charge your smartphone and your tablet at the same time, which I’ve now taken advantage of plenty.

Ridgid Dual-Port Charger

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Ridgid isn’t the only charger that allows you to charge a mobile device. I’ll agree with you on that point, but I will add this: the Ridgid dual-port charger also features two AC ports in addition to the USB connectivity. It might be one of the only ones that I have come across that has this feature. This means that, if you have multiple chargers, you can daisy-chain them all together without monopolizing all of your available power outlets.

Ridgid Dual-Port Charger

Also, the Ridgid dual-port charger includes a built-in fuse to keep you from overloading it. The fuse will pop before you can actually do any harm to your charger. Just remember to hit that reset button after you’ve tripped the fuse.

Ridgid Dual-Port Charger

My only complaint about this charger comes down to the fact that you have no way to lock the batteries in place. Because of this, you should probably remove the batteries if you need to relocate your charger for any reason. After all, you don’t want them bouncing off the ground if the charger gets bumped in transit. Less detrimental in the long run, your batteries might accidentally become just undocked enough to quit charging.

That said, only a couple of the major players in the power tool industry actually lock the batteries in place. Makita is one and Ryobi is the other. There might be more minor companies out there that do.

Also, like every other charger on the market, Ridgid includes two mounting brackets so that you can mount the charger to a wall if you like.

The Ridgid Dual-Port Charger: Why You Should Buy It

So, all the additional features make a pretty strong case for the Ridgid dual-port charger. But, why do we bother with chargers in the first place? I’m not trying to ask trick questions here: the main purpose is to get those batteries charged quickly.

Well, like most multi chargers, this charger charges sequentially. This means that only one battery will charge at a time, but the charge time is decent. It takes under an hour to fully charge a 5.0 Ah 18V battery. And, just in case you had any questions about the noise that this charger generates, I can assure you that the charger stays relatively quiet.

Ridgid Dual-Port Charger

The Ridgid dual-port charger also includes monitors that will alert you if the temperature levels fall too cold or too hot, which will protect your batteries. Ridgid has also included a smart charge feature, which will evaluate whether or not your batteries are defective. Plus, an energy save mode will keep your overall energy consumption down.

Final Thoughts

If you have two or more batteries and use your Ridgid tools on a regular basis, then I would say that you should absolutely pick up the 18V Gen5X Ridgid dual-port battery charger. The build seems sturdy, the battery protection features give me some peace of mind, and it charges batteries pretty quickly. Plus, the price shouldn’t cause you a mild heart attack when you take it to the register.

Sure, I wish it locked the batteries in place but almost no one does. Perhaps Ridgid will work a locking mechanism into future iterations of the charger. We also wouldn’t mind it if Ridgid came out with a Gen5X power station that charged up to six batteries in the future.

However, they almost don’t need to. The ability to plug more chargers into the Ridgid charger’s through-put pretty much covers that base if you need it. Ultimately, all of this functionality, plus the USB connectivity, makes the 18v Gen5X Ridgid dual-port charger worthy of your consideration, at least in my book.


Ridgid Dual-Port Charger Features

  • Dual USB ports charge all handheld smart devices
  • 2 pass through AC outlets this allows you to never waste an outlet by plugging your charger in. Plug any other 2-pronged device into the charger and keep working
  • Rapid charge time charge any Ridgid 18-Volt battery in 1 hour or less
  • Smart charging evaluates the battery condition and provides status with easy-to-read icons
  • Maintenance charge mode keeps batteries charged and maintains overall life
  • Cold / hot warning monitors temperature to protect the battery
  • Energy save mode lowers energy consumption
  • Wall mount slots hang charger on the wall in order to take up less workspace

Ridgid Dual-Port ChargerRidgid Dual-Port Charger Specs

  • Product Number: AC840094
  • Height: 11″
  • Depth: 11.9″
  • Length: 5.25″
  • Width: 5.25″
  • Battery Test Function: Yes
  • Cord Length: 6′
  • Number of Batteries Charged at Once: 1
  • Returnable: 90 Days
  • MSRP: $79


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Mike Harvey

I bought this changer after awhile once it was on the market. it’s very well built,

Wish it would charge both batteries at the same time instead of one after the other.
Believe they should start including it now with some of the kits now with maybe a 4.0 Ah and the new 6.0 AH batteries with the LSA…


Makita’s dual port charger charges simultaneously, as well as faster (fan cooled batteries) and is $65 on Amazon. How is this anything but advertising for Rigid?


Sequential chargers just aren’t nearly as useful as simultaneous chargers. FAIL!

Steve M Stanton

I will be getting my new charger very soon

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