Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw Cordless Saw Reviews

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw

Safety the Key Focus of New Milwaukee M18 Fuel Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw

Making its debut at the 2019 NECA show, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw promises a safer solution to its portable band saw that actually cuts faster than its corded counterparts. It boosts safety by adding a secondary trigger system, and it showcases some of the durability and performance that we’ve come to expect from one of the biggest innovators in the cordless tool industry.

10-Second Summary

  • Dual-trigger keeps both hands on the saw while cutting
  • 5″ deep cut capacity
  • Cuts faster than corded
  • Job Site Armor Technology protects the tool from drops and debris
  • All-metal direct drive
  • $399 bare, $649 kit


Milwaukee’s Pitch

“In response to calls from safety directors for band saws that include certain features, Milwaukee developed a dual-trigger system for our M18 product that meets their jobsite needs. With the M18 Fuel Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw, the combination of the added trigger system and performance of the original M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw results in a product that can be used to safely cut a variety of jobsite materials.”

-Kevin Gee, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Optimized For the Trades

The three big takeaways with the Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw revolve around safety, capacity, and speed. We’ve already mentioned the dual-trigger system, but perhaps it bears repeating: this new band saw has the right amount of triggers to keep you from accidentally hacking off appendages.

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw

“Deep cut” means different things to different brands. In this particular case, you’re looking at a 5″ x 5″ cut capability, which opens the tool up for some use in applications that might not be possible with smaller models.

Finally, Milwaukee continues to emphasize speed. The new Milwaukee Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw is part of the M18 Fuel lineup, which means that it features Milwaukee’s combination of brushless motor, electronics, and battery designs. Put all of these components together and you’ve got an effective power management solution. How effective? The Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw can move the 44-7/8″ blade anywhere between 0 and 380 SFPM.

If those specs sound familiar, they are. It’s the same capacity and performance Milwaukee gets from their 2729 band saw. In fact, the new saw’s model number, 2729S-20/2729S-22, lets us know it’s an update to that model. Using it as the foundation, the big deal is really about the safety upgrade.


So it’s no surprise that the feature set reads the same as the 2729 aside from the safety trigger. It features Milwaukee’s Job Site Armor, which gives the tool some extra protection from drops and debris.

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw

Milwaukee uses a composite material and crush zone barriers to absorb drop damage. Inside the tool, Milwaukee has done away with the more traditional chain drive, and instead, has opted for an all-metal direct drive system. This more direct approach to driving the blade extends the life of the saw while requiring less servicing through the years.

Finally, Milwaukee goes with a gear protecting clutch that extends the gear and motor life by absorbing impacts that come from blade lockups. The sealed-off design of the drive and gears also keeps water and debris away from the vital components.


Pricing and Availability

The Milwaukee M18 Deep Cut Dual-Triggered Band Saw can be purchased as a kit or as a bare tool. As a kit, it comes with two M18 RedLithium XC 5.0Ah Extended Capacity batteries, a multi-voltage charger, band saw blade covers, and extreme blade. You can pick up the kit for $649. The bare tool is also available for $399.

Both packaging options will hit the shelves sometime in November 2019 and come with a 5-year warranty.

Milwaukee M18 Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw Specs

  • Model Number: Milwaukee 2729S-22 (kit)
  • Cut Capacity: 5”x5”
  • SFPM: 0-380
  • Blade Length: 44-7/8”
  • Dual-Trigger Design
  • LED Work Light
  • Tool-Free Adjustable Shoe
  • Rafter Hanging Hook
  • Weight:13.6lbs
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Price: $649 (Kit); $399 (Bare Tool)
  • Available in November 2019
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