October 18, 2021

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Coast PM500R Magnetic Worklight with Dual Power

Coast PM500R Magnetic Worklight with Dual Power

Coast has released a new worklight that attaches to any metal surface with its magnetic base and runs off of a variety of power sources. The Coast PM500R Magnetic Worklight, with all its versatility, makes a great choice for mechanical and electrical contractors, first responders, tow truck drivers, or anyone else who could stand to have a reliable worklight handy.

10-Second Summary

  • 700-lumen light
  • Magnetic base with rubber pad
  • Can run off of USB-rechargeable batteries or standard AAA Alkaline batteries
  • High and Low power options
  • Light bezel rotates 180°
  • Light focuses to light broad or narrow areas
  • Impact- and weather-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $99

Coast Your Way to a Well-Lit Workspace

The Coast PM500R Magnetic Worklight, despite its relatively small frame, blasts 700 lumens of focused lighting wherever you need it. Because it has a rubber-padded magnetic base, you can affix it safely to any metal surface. A light bezel rotates 180° to point the light where you need it.

Coast PM500R Magnetic Worklight with Dual Power


The PM500R also features Pure-Beam Focusing Optics…which is a fancy way of saying that you can switch the focus of the light between flood light and spotlight settings by twisting the head of the flashlight. Coast guarantees you won’t see any halos or hot spots. You can also cycle between high (700L) and low (200L) settings to customize your lighting experience.

As far as power goes, the Coast Magnetic Worklight gives you some options. You can run the light directly from AC or DC power using the included USB cable, or you can work off of battery power. In this case, you have the option of using USB-rechargeable batteries or your standard AAA alkaline batteries.

The PM500R has been tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards. It features impact protection and an IPX4 rating to protect it from splash damage. It retails for $99, and it comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.  You can purchase the Coast Magnetic Worklight with Dual Power directly from the Coast website by clicking here.

Who Could Use a Rotating Dual-Power Magnetic Light?

When we thought about who could use a rotating dual-power magnetic light, our immediate answer was…everyone. Rechargeable LED lights are fantastic, but sometimes you want the ability to bring along a pack of AA cells and get more run-time where you may not have access to an outlet. The Coast PM500R gives you that option. It seems like a great light for having in the truck—especially since you can slap it on the chassis when changing a tire. Well, unless you have a 2015 or later Ford F-150 with an aluminum frame!

At $99 the price seems reasonable for the brightness and functionality. This seems like a very flexible light that could function well for Pros as well as the casual user who wants something for camping, fishing, or even the garage workshop.

Coast Magnetic Worklight Specs

  • Model: Coast PM500R
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable or AAA
  • Beam Distance (High/Low): 672 ft / 364 ft
  • Light output (High/Low on Li-ion): 700/200 lumens
  • Light output High (Li-ion/AA/adapter): 700/600/570 lumens
  • Runtime (High/Low): 2 h 15 min / 5 h 15 min
  • Height: 3.3 in
  • Weight: 11.1 oz
  • Includes: Li-Polymer battery, 3 x AA alkaline batteries, 18 ft. USB cord, AC adapter, DC adapter
  • Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Price: $99
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Matthew Litsey

It’s a great idea, but I think the vehicle based applications are the best place for it, at least if you use Milwaukee tools on the job. The M18 rover is the same price and functionality, but uses the 18V Milwaukee batteries that last a long time and you probably already have around.

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