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Mechanix Construction Gloves for Work

If your hands need better grip and protection on the job site, then chances are that Mechanix Wear has a glove made especially for you. The days of bulky, thick work gloves are all but over and now you can save yourself the trouble of a wood splinter or a cut and still feel your material or tool. The Mechanix Construction Gloves are durable yet lightweight and they come in a  variety of sizes and styles.


Mechanix Wear offer a number of styles and options in their work gloves depending on your budget and use. With models suited for home and garden work to others that are great in the garage or out on the job site, the selection is pretty extensive. The Hardware line of gloves offers great utility while the Commercial Grade offers a larger variety of styles and materials. With specific gloves designed for framers, impact protection, padded palm and heavy duty use, these gloves make it easy for just about anybody to protect themselves without sacrificing the ability to handle and control materials adequately.

Available CG (Commercial Grade) Gloves

  • CG framer – padded top, palm protection and open fingertips ($18.99)
  • CG Utility – leather, reinforced fingers ($20.99)
  • CG Padded Palm – padded palm, protective ribs for abrasion/impact safety ($30.99)
  • CG Impact Pro – molded rubber ribbed exoskeleton, vibration reduction palm protection ($35.99)
  • CG Heavy Duty – leather, maximum protection ($41.99)

They also have a CG Super Duty glove (that we didn’t see at the show) which includes a combination of leather, neoprene and rubber overmolds ($41.99). Mechanix sells their gloves direct online at their web store.


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Greg Loveless

These gloves are really pricey… there margin on these must be enormous seeing you can import them for around 2 bucks ea