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Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Trays Organizers

I don’t know if you’re an organized person. Me, I’m hit and miss. Much of what I have is nicely organized. My tools are labeled. My tool kits are set up and separated for electrical, plumbing and general maintenance. But my sockets and wrenches are a mess. They remain tossed about in a half organized state within a stainless steel tool chest. It was high time I organized those tools and brought them up to the level of neatness they deserved. When the Get Sorted wrench and socket trays and organizers came across my desk, I thought they made a lot of sense.


Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Trays Features

The Get Sorted Socket Trays take both metric and standard socket sizes and combine them in the same area—but in a way that grants you easy access and flexibility in using the tools you own. More than that, they provide an innovative and neat way to store your tools as well. Rather than have to search for the right spot by site, Get Sorted allows you to slide a wrench along the tray ad then drop it into place. The same goes for the sockets, which have raised metric and standard (SAE) sizing blocks for finding the right place to put your socket.

The Get Sorted Socket Tray supports sockets ranging in size from 3/8” to 1” and metric from 10mm to 19mm. Since it has both rounded tray areas as well as grooved slots, you can accommodate both deep sockets and regular sockets in the same tray.

The Get Sorted plastic Wrench Tray is very similar except that it has more varied spaces, letting you store crescent wrenches from 7/8” down to 10mm in size in the main area, and 6mm to 3/8”. Instead of the segregated layout of the Socket organizer, the Wrench organizer interleaves both metric and standard in the same location, allowing both to coexist at the same time. A separate tray lets you drop in miscellaneous items like Allen wrenches or other loose tools.

Get Sorted socket tray

Using the Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Organizers

Because I have a lot of sockets, a single dual metric and standard tray won’t accommodate all of what I have. There’s also no accommodation for the smaller <10mm or <3/8” sizes which I use quite frequently. As such, my solution was to use an entire tray for metric and an entire tray for standard. That worked pretty well, though I had to leave room in my drawer for the ratchets, specialty sockets, and smaller sized sockets.

Get Sorted plastic trays

Before Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Trays

Get Sorted filled trays

After Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Trays

As for the Get Sorted Wrench tray, the slides for finding the correct location for the wrench was hit or miss. And, if it’s not an exact science you end up having to read the labels anyway. You can, over time, develop a feel for where to place your wrenches, but the extra step of “slide and drop” seemed to be a less than effectual method for locating the proper position of the interleaved wrenches as opposed to a separated, labeled metric and standard system.

Get Sorted Wrench and Socket Tray Features

  • Dimensions (wrench tray): 13.5″ x 10″ x 1.5″
  • Dimensions (socket tray): 14.5″ x 11″ x 1″
  • Weight: 17.4 oz (490 g)
  • Material: ABS
  • Standard colors: Red or black
  • Country of origin: USA


The Get Sorted Wrench Tray and Get Sorted Socket Tray are a great spin on a common problem. I would say that I am now more organized than I was with my sockets, but I would like to see more sophisticated solutions in the future that accommodated smaller sizes for sockets as well as accompanying areas for specialty tools and even the accompanying ratchets. The Get Sorted Wrench tray is going to be up to the preference of the user. It can be a nice way to organize loose wrenches, but the combining of metric and standard may also lead to a less efficient retrieval system than a segregated tray. I would expect Get Sorted will be producing more of these trays in the near future and my guess is that options will abound. Until then, I can say with certainty that the “after” is quite a bit more organized than the before—and that’s a good thing.

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Final Thoughts

With the Get Sorted wrench and socket trays I can say with certainty that the “after” is quite a bit more organized than the before—and that’s a good thing. It will be good to see some more maturity out of these items, as well as a greater amount of tool storage options in the near future.

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Bret J

After googling to see what other products this company (Sky Leap) makes, I found their web site: They state “Please note that we are transitioning from Get Sorted to Tool Sorter which will be Sky Leap’s trademark.”. Personally, I had been looking for something like their tool racks for a while. I would rather use some wall space than a drawer for tools of specific sizes like sockets and wrenches. Until now, I had only found Chinese products from unknown importers so it is good to know about this company even if some of their products are made in… Read more »

Now i need some of those