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Bought one, great box. A lot of thought went into it. However, I can’t seem to find out where it was made. It is not made in the US. All the nuts, bolts/ screws used for assembly are metric. That tells me it is foreign. I hope it is not from China. I would have never bought it if it is.

Mitchell robson

When they be avaliable in canada. The milwaukee site says that they are available now but all of the places I’ve been looked at me like I have 2 heads.

Rick Owen

Just saw one at my local Home Depot. While the frame felt very strong the drawers themselves felt more like plastic than steel. The bottom right drawer has a nice rack that allows “holster like” storage of power tools like drill/drivers and their batteries. The one drawer that has a lid that can serve as a shelf for papers, iPads or laptops with storage underneath is counted as one of the 16 drawers. So if you use the drawer for storage of electronics or papers then your tool storage is reduced by one drawer. This drawer could be used for… Read more »

Could have some here this year Tim Everest.

Chris Beck when is it coming to Aus