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Toro 60V Personal Pace Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Toro 60V self-propelled lawn mower review

Not everyone with a 1/4-acre zoysia lawn puts a lot of thought into the look—but I care about cut quality. Using the Toro 60V self-propelled lawn mower (model 20363) gave me the opportunity to compare against both gas mowers and other electric models. Having used both types on the property, I have certain expectations. The Personal Pace Self-Propel System and simple handle lock set the Toro 60V mower apart as uniquely painless to use. Compared to most, its innovative, trouble-free utility makes this worth the up-front price difference inherent in battery-powered lawnmowers. For medium to small yards, this battery-powered mower is a worthy replacement for your gas model.

Toro 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Build Quality

When I first picked up the 60V Max Toro Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower I was surprised by how light it was overall despite the 22” metal deck. After ensuring the battery had a full charge I set my sights on my neighbor’s overgrown 1/4 acre back yard. The metal deck and the weight that does come with it was helpful in keeping the machine on track through the thick weeds.

Toro 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Earlier electric mowers, with plastic decks, might float a little and cause an uneven cut. While heavier than plastic, the mower is still nimble enough that my 12-year-old son took a few laps with it and remarked at how light it was. The steel deck will also last longer than plastic, which wears faster and breaks easier.

Height Adjustment

For the overgrown weed lawn I used the chute with the Bag-on-Demand lever set to the recycling position. This lever makes it super-easy to switch between bagging and mulching. This feature—in our opinion—should be standard on all mowers. Imagine not having to store (or lose) another removable mulch plug!

Toro battery-powered lawnmower bag lever

I set the cutting height to 1 3/4 inches. The cutting heights available range from 1 inch to 4 inches with seven stops/half stops between. Each wheel is independently adjustable which is a slight downside when you are as lazy as me. The upside is durability increases as there are less moving parts to break.

This Mower Starts Much More Easily Than Gas

Starting up the Toro 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower was somewhat intuitive and assisted by the quick start guide on the handle.

Inserting the Toro 60V battery

After inserting the battery, I held the blade control bar and pressed the electric-start button, and off it went.

Toro 60V mower electric start

Much more natural is the Personal Pace Self-Propel System. It is a feature across the Toro line up of self-propelled mowers. As you push forward/down on the handle it propels the mower forward. The harder you push/the further down you push, the faster the mower goes. Simple and effortless speed control makes it so easy!

Personal Pace push bar drive system

How It Feels (Power) Compared to Gas

The Flex-Force power system was seamless in its power delivery when the weeds got really thick. The system is always sensing the resistance the blade is encountering and ramps up the RPMs for the tougher stuff and dials them down to conserve energy when the terrain is easier to cut. The transition from low to high RPMs was smooth and I never felt a lag—even going into the 12” high mess in my neighbor’s backyard.

Toro 60V lawnmower thick grass

How is the Battery Life?

Pro Tool Reviews regrets not having had this mower in time for their best battery-powered lawn mower article, but it can still be compared to what we know about existing models. For example, battery performance impressed me when cutting through nearly 1/4 acre of weeds. After using it for that tough 30 minutes, the battery still had 1/2 life remaining. This model came with the 6.0 Ah battery which has a 150-minute charge time and Toro rates as being able to handle 1/3 of an acre. That seems believable based on my use and assuming you keep your lawn maintained.

Charging the 60V battery pack

Mowing a 1/4-acre Zoysia Lawn

I wanted to use the Toro 60V lawnmower next on my 1/4 acre zoysia lawn which called for the bagger. I took the chute off and moved the bag-on-demand lever to the bagging position by pressing the button on the lever in and moving it downward. Lifting the rear deflector up and putting the bag in place was easier than most – the brackets where the bag pins hang are well defined—so it just drops right in place. The Toro handled the zoysia lawn like it wasn’t there. Granted it is easy to mow, but the RPMs and deck were like a perfect vacuum—sucking up the leaves and clippings efficiently. The 1/2 charged battery lasted through the whole yard. While the grass itself is an easy cut (the Flex-Force never felt the need to up the RPMs) It is worth noting that I had to empty the bag twice and the mower was carrying that load itself.

Easy Handle Adjustment

The Washout Port is an ok feature that works modestly well. The weeds that I mowed were dry so the deck didn’t get too dirty. The port just cannot accomplish what lifting the deck up and hosing it out can. What’s more, putting the mower in the vertical-stow position is ideal for hosing out the deck. In this position the mower handle is folded forward onto the mower, locked in place and the mower is lifted to sit on its back. Disengaging the handle locks is easy and makes it convenient to adjust the handle height or put it all the way forward for the vertical-stow position.

Toro 60V lawn mower handle lock

Toro 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Specs

  • Model: 20363
  • Engine: Brushless DC
  • Battery: 60V L324 (6.0 Ah, 324 Wh)
  • Charge time: 150 minutes
  • Cutting width: 22 in. (56 cm)
  • Cut height: 1.0 – 4.0 in (2.5 – 10 cm)
  • Drive system: Personal Pace rear-wheel drive
  • Steel deck
  • Modes: Mulch, bag, side-discharge
  • Warranty: 2-year full warranty (mower); 3-year full warranty (battery)
  • SmartStow handle
  • Wheels (front/rear): 8 in. (20.3 cm) / 11 in. (28 cm)


The Toro 22” 60V Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is sold both as a bare tool and as a kit. Here are the various configurations:

  • Base config: Toro 22″ 60V MAX Smartstow High Wheel Push Mower (Bare Tool) – $349
  • Base Self-propelled model: Toro 22″ 60V MAX Smartstow Personal Pace High Wheel Push Mower (Bare Tool) – $399
  • Kit 1: Toro 22″ 60V MAX Smartstow High Wheel Push Mower Kit – $499
  • Self-propelled kit: Toro 22″ 60V MAX Smartstow High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Kit w/6Ah battery – $559
  • Maxed out self-propelled kit: Toro 22″ 60V MAX Smartstow High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Kit w/7.5Ah battery – $699

Kits include a charger and one (in our case) 6.0 Ah battery for $559. The price is competitive for the 22” deck and performance. For $100 more you can get the same kit with the 7.5 Ah battery. There are multiple retailers carrying this mower, including Home Depot, Ace, and Acme Tools.

Final Thoughts on the Toro 60V Mower

The Toro 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is easy to use, lightweight and durable. The Personal Pace Self-Propel System and simple handle lock set it apart as uniquely painless to use. Compared to most, the innovative, trouble-free utility makes this worth the price difference. For medium to small yards, this is a worthy gas mower replacement.

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Are you going to review the updated 21466 model for 2021?


I have the toro 20363 with the 60v 6.0ah battery. I’m considering buying the toro battery powered snowblower that comes with a 60v 7.5ah battery. Can I use those batteries interchangeably on both machines?


Canadian winters get pretty darned cold. I will be storing the battery pack for my 60V Toro lawn mower in my basement. Can I/should I store the lawn mower in my shed? The temperature in the shed can get down to -30F to -40F. TIA


This or the Kobalt 80V?


Looking for some opinions from people who have used theToro Battery operated lawn mowers. I am skeptical because a few years ago I bought the Ryobi first generation, not lithium battery and it stunk. Everyone had the same problem with the battery and Ryobi just sent another battery with the same problem. It was a total waste of $500. I don’t want to be in the same situation again. I’m interested in the Toro Battery operated self-propelled. My property is about 1/4 acre. Also only want to buy AMERICAN MADE. I want to enrich AMERICA, not China. From what I… Read more »

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