October 25, 2021

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Snap-on KA123 1/2-inch Drive Post-Style Socket Trays

Snap-on socket trays

Snap-on has released new 3-row post-style 1/2-inch socket trays in metric and SAE. The multi-sized rows of the KA123 Series socket trays let technicians easily store and organize sockets. The Snap-on socket trays support three sizes (shallow, semi-deep and deep) while providing easy-to-read black printed labels on each post.

Snap-on Socket Trays in 1/2-inch Drive

Snap-on has a series of socket holders already, however, this seems to be the first three-row solution in 1/2-inch drive. The trays should be a good fit for their 1/2-inch drive chrome or impact sockets. The SAE trays cover sockets from 3/8 to 1-1/4 inches…

Snap-on KA123FRRD socket tray


…while the metric socket trays cover 10 – 27 mm socket sizes.

Snap-on socket tray

The new Snap-on socket trays are available in four of the most popular Snap-on tool storage unit colors including black, red, electric orange, and extreme green. Unfortunately, we expect pricing to be in the neighborhood of $35 or so (check Snap-on website for more info). Be sure to also check out the Milwaukee steel work cart which presents a great alternative to a more expensive shop cart.

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