Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp application

Kreg Announces Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp (and Renames the 3-Inch Model)

Coming this March is the new Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp. It is a multipurpose clamp for wood projects that offers versatility and value. Since Kreg is introducing the Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp with a new name, the company has renamed their existing Kreg Face Clamp (KHC-Premium) to Classic 3-Inch Face Clamp to make sure users know they’re in the same family.

Like it’s big brother, the new 2-inch design has a foundation built on traditional locking pliers. The jaws have been replaced to create a C-clamp and we’re off to the races. Don’t confuse this model with the Kreg Automaxx series. While both are locking clamps, the Classic series features a force adjustment screw on the back of the handle rather than between the handles. The familiar operation and adjustment of the Classic clamp leaves users with no learning curve.

The new Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp provides the same features, versatility, and durability of the current Classic 3-Inch Face Clamp – it’s just sized smaller. It offers 2-inch reach and 2-1/4-inch capacity along with two large non-marring clamp faces and swiveling pads.

Because of its smaller size, the new 2-Inch Face Clamp is perfect for tight and narrow spaces as well as users who prefer a smaller clamp. The suggested retail price for this is pretty reasonable, coming in under $15.

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp Common ApplicationsKreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp

  • Pocket Hole Joinery
  • Project assembly
  • General clamping
  • Repairs

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp Key Features

  • Swiveling pads
  • Locking jaws
  • 2″ reach, 2-1/4″ capacity
  • Adjustable clamping force
  • Large, non-marring clamp face
  • Works with Kreg Jig R3 Clamp Pad Adapter

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp Specifications

  • Model: KHC Micro
  • Reach: 2″ (51 mm)
  • Clamping Capacity: Materials up to 2-1/4″ (57 mm) thick
  • MSRP: $16.99
  • Availability: March 2016

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