Channellock E-Series XLT Pliers

Channellock E318I XLT Pliers

I think every tool company feels the need to make at least one tool with an “X” in the model name or series. The Channellock E-Series XLT pliers might actually have more justification than others. They are named because they now offer Xtreme Leverage Technology. Channellock moved the riveting hinge upwards so that the fulcrum point is closer to the head. Combined with the long handles, that means you don’t have to apply as much leverage to get the same strength of cut. It’s some solid engineering, and these new tools should prove to be very popular.


Channellock E-Series XLT Pliers Features

Chennellock designed the E Series combination, long and bent nose, and diagonal cutting pliers to have a design that is a bit sleeker than their traditional line. The pliers continue to be made from high-carbon C1080 steel, however and maintain the same “knife-and-anvil” cutting edges. Cross-hatched jaws provide a good grip and laser-heat treated cutting edges extend durability. You can pick up the new Channellock E-Series XLT pliers in the traditional Channellock Blue comfort grips or the new Code Blue grips.

The new Channellock E-Series XLT pliers look to be ideal for machinists, electricians and auto mechanics—really anyone looking for pliers with a smaller profile for doing work around the house.

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