Klein Tools Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper/Cutter 11061 Preview

Klein Tools just debuted a new Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper/Cutter (11061) that has a stripping head that adjusts to accommodate 10-20 AWG solid, 12-22 AWG stranded, and 12/2 & 14/2 wire. You’re going to want to use this tool when you’re working in panels and other locations where you are expecting to deal with multiple wire types and gauges. The tool uses a tensioning knob to adjusts for the correct amount of required force in order to strip the wire correctly every time. There’s also an adjustable stopper so you can configure the exact desired length of your stripped cable. If that weren’t enough, Klein even added a wire cutter that’s built right into the handle.

Klein Tools Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper/Cutter 11061 Features

Like the other tool Klein released this week, the Katapult Wire Stripper/Cutter, the build quality on this new tool looks superb. The blue rubberized handle grips look like they are built to take some abuse and the adjustable stopper which controls the length of the core strip has the appearance of a part that’s made to last. The Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers also have a tensioning thumb screw to allow for precise stripping of smaller gauge wire. One other thing we liked was that at the top of the handle the tool includes an integrated wire cutter.

Klein seems to be doing a great job at multi-purposing hand tools and this is one more product that is destined to see a lot of use in the field.

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