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Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System

Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System

There’s a new way to load your gas powered string trimmer. The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is a new trimmer line cutting system that offers an integrated head and disk-like system that simplifies the replacement of trimmer line. Since it’s pre-coiled, no winding, spooling, or cutting of line is required. This dramatically reduces the loading and unloading time from a few minutes to about 20 seconds.

“The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is designed to get professionals back to work and keep them working longer. It was engineered to eliminate the hassle and frustration of winding line onto spools. Less loading time and a high quality, durable trimmer line equal more time on the job—and a big impact on a business’s bottom line.”

– Dale Marcell, senior global product manager for Oregon

The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System features an innovative tongue-and-groove disk that takes the place of the usual tangle of trimmer line and increases efficiency. Additionally, Oregon claims that the Gator SPeedLoad’s tongue-and-groove profile creates sharper edges for cleaner and faster cutting.

Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System models and specs

According to Oregon, landscape Pros who were allowed to test the Gator SpeedLoad in the field found that they were able to change out their trimmer line in under 20 seconds. When they ran the trimmer line up against concrete, chain link, and other rugged surfaces, it proved to be more durable—lasting up to two times longer than competing 0.080″ line.

The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is available in three models so that it can fit almost any gas-powered trimmer on the market—from just about any brand. They don’t list compatibility with their Oregon cordless trimmers, so let us know if you have any success getting these to work with them. For more information about the new cutting system and their models, visit Oregon’s website.

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LeRoy Crumet

I sure hope it’s as awesome as it leads to be. Although it is a ridiculous annoyance, it still is. Damnit I hate trimmer line, lol.

Rich Fahey

Will it work on DEWALT 40V String Trimmer DCST990M1?

Lester Thomas

so u have to buy their trimmer line cartridge? u cant reload it?

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