July 25, 2021

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Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Many painters have a love/hate relationship with their heat guns. On one hand, they’re an effective way to soften paint for scraping when the old stuff needs to be contained. On the other hand, the work is slow and you’re constantly near a heat source – that’s not anyone’s favorite way to spend the summer. The new Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun looks to make life a little easier with features that target the professional user across several trades.

It all starts with the idea of variable temperatures and variable fan speed. Temperatures can be adjusted from 120 – 1200 degrees Fahrenheit with 55 separate settings. The fan has 5 different speed settings. This in itself opens the Titan Pro V55 wide open for applications that require heat. Paint and sealant softening is no longer the only menu item. De-soldering, heating shrink tubes, softening adhesives, and even warming up tools in the winter time are all in the wheelhouse.

Titan didn’t stop there. One of my favorite features is the integrated base for hands-free operation. The temperature and fan settings are adjusted using an LCD controller. Dual heating elements are made from ceramic which should offer even heating and increase the durability over other materials. The handle features a soft grip and hand guard.

“Contractors and tradespeople are finding uses for the heat tool are nearly infinite. We expect demand for heat tools will continue as a growing number of professionals across a broad spectrum of industries discover they are safer, more convenient and more versatile than the flame torches of old.”

– Chris Noto, Product Director at Titan

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit Features

  • Wide Temperature Range 120°F – 1200°F with 55 settings
  • LCD Push-Button Control for precise temperature and fan settings
  • Dual Ceramic Heating Element enhances durability and provides even, consistent heating
  • Ergonomic, Soft Grip for added comfort and control
  • 5 Fan Settings for variable airflow
  • Integrated Stand for hands-free operation.

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 120°F – 1200°F/50°C – 650°C
  • Power: 1500 Watts, 5100 BTU
  • Temperature Settings: 55

The Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit retails for $79.99. Pick it up at professional paint retailers in the USA and Canada. To learn more about the Titan Pro V55, click here.

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