Triton Dust Collector Bucket DCA300

Take Dust Collection To The Next Level With The Triton Dust Collector Bucket

When you’re working with wood, sawdust control is always something to keep in mind. On top of using proper PPE, debris collection is one of the ways to reduce the amount of harmful dust that you breathe in and it keeps your shop cleaner. Triton aims to make it an easier process with its dust collector bucket (DCA300).

Triton Dust Collector Bucket: The Big Deal

This dust collection bucket has a 5-gallon capacity. Triton designed it to help prevent sawdust from clogging up vacuum cleaners. The concept is simple but brilliant. The bucket lid has two hose ports—one going to the saw and the other going to your vac. There’s also a filter in the exit port. Essentially, it creates a multi-stage dust collection system.

Once you secure the lid, your vacuum ensures the entire system has suction. As you cut, airflow pulls sawdust and chips in, depositing the heavier bits into the bucket. Only the lightest dust makes to the vac, keeping your vacuum filter cleaner and your suction stronger.

It doesn’t create a cyclonic filter system, though. Cyclonic systems are still going to be more efficient at keeping the suction power high longer. Still, Triton’s concept offers a nice intermediary between using just a vacuum and having a multi-stage system.

Weighing only 4 lbs when empty, it’s easy to carry and store on higher shelves. The dust collector’s polyester filter helps to collect wood waste, chips, and fine sawdust. It also fits most products with dust extraction outlets and can handle two saws at once with its dual exit ports.

This video shows it being hooked up to a Triton Workcentre for dust collection.

Additional Features

  • 1-1/4-inch hose compatible with most dust extraction outlets

Triton Dust Collector Bucket Price

The Triton dust collector bucket is listed at $56.25, which includes a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Model: Triton DCA300
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Filter type: Polyester
  • Hose diameter: 1-1/4 in
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 13 x 13 x 18.5 in

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