Twisted X Tech X Work Boots

Twisted X Tech X

Tech X Work Boots Merge A Cowboy Style With Functional Comfort

The Twisted X Tech X boots are a newcomer to our Best Work Boots list and we regret not discovering them sooner. With a focus on comfort, these boots were designed for those in the farming and agricultural trades. We wanted to dive into the Tech X lineup to see what these boots bring to the table.

Twisted X Tech X Work Boots: Overview

The Tech X boots feature a western-style heeled design with 22 different styles for both men and women. The lineup incorporates a variety of eco-friendly materials into the boots’ construction, like blended rice husk in the outsoles, molasses EVA, and LeatherTWX fabric that uses 80% recycled scrap leather.

What really seals the deal is the CellStretch comfort system. This interconnected network of cells compresses and rebounds with every step, activating over 100 pressure points in the foot and providing all-day comfort.

Style Options

There are three profile and midsole options to choose from with the Twisted X Tech X lineup, with several models in each configuration. You have a traditional profile, with either a rubber or leather outsole, or models with a rubber outsole and midsole.

Rubber Outsole with Midsole (left), Traditional Profile with Rubber Outsole (center), Traditional Profile with Leather Outsole (right)

The boots come in both 11-inch and 12-inch heights with styles for both men and women. Several models in the lineup also feature tear-shaped pull holes or pull straps on the sides to assist with guiding the boots onto your feet.

Additional Information

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Blend85 footbed made with 85% recycled foam
  • EcoTweed lining from recycled bottles
  • Molded rubber outsole uses blended rice husk in the mix
  • Soft toe only
  • Double-stitched welt construction

Twisted X Tech X Boots Price and Availability

Since there are quite a few style configurations, the price depends on your preferred pair. The boots range from $204.95 to $269.95.

You can view the entire Tech X lineup on Twisted X’s website.

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