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Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge Work Boots

Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge Work Boots

There are several key things that make Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge work boots worth paying attention to, starting with its construction. Wolverine uses a Goodyear welt to hold it together. Between that and its full-grain leather material, it should have no problem standing up to years of use.

Then there’s the style and it blends into the comfort level. It’s a moc-toe, so it has an extra seam over the toe. It adds a little bit of protection for your toes and happens to be a look I really like.

Moc Toe

This is a wedge boot with an outsole that has much greater ground contact. Wedges spread your weight out more and are generally more comfortable than a heeled boot.

Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge Work Boots Profile

In addition to the basic design, this boot features Wolverine’s DuraShocks dual-density polyurethane insole that’s removable if you decide you’d like to try something different or have a specific insole you use. The DuraShocks advantage continues with high-abrasion TPU pads on the outsole that help the lighter tread hold up longer than other materials.

Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge Work Boots Outsole

Finally, these are waterproof, so they’re a great choice on jobsites where rain or standing water is a threat. Wolverine uses a combination of waterproof full-grain leather along with a breathable waterproof membrane that has a moisture-wicking lining to keep moisture from getting to your feet.

Additional Features

  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Nylon stability shank

Wolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Work Boots Price

You can getWolverine I-90 Durashocks Moc Toe Wedge work boots in either soft or Carbonmax safety toe styles and there are several colors available.

  • Carbonmax: brown, black, black and white, or tan
  • Soft Toe: brown, black and white, or tan

The retail price is $155 for the soft toe and $160 for the Carbonmax toe. Wolverine has a 30-day comfort guarantee on their boots.

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