Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box Review

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box

Keep Your Gear Out of the Elements Even When You’re Out in the Elements with the Yeti Loadout GoBox 30

If you’re serious about taking care of the gear that takes care of you, the Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 is a great way to go. This is much more than a 30-liter dry box, though. It’s a nearly indestructible box designed to deal with nearly anything you can throw at for years to come.

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Design

If it’s not already obvious, the Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 is not a cooler. It’s a dry cargo box on steroids that Yeti claims is “nearly indestructible” and can withstand seasons of exposure in conditions other boxes need a safe space just thinking about.

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box

With its stout gasket, it keeps what’s inside free of dust, water, and any other uninvited guests. The bottom line is that your gear stays as dry and clean as is started.

Yeti also makes the lid stackable. If you need multiple Loadouts for work or play, they stack easily to keep their footprints minimal. The 30-liter capacity cargo box needs just 20-1/2″ x 14-5/8″ of floor space and 11-1/8″ of height.

Inside the Lid

While the durable build is impressive, what’s inside the lid seals the deal. It starts with a divider that lets you separate the gear you don’t want to mix. We’re not talking flammable chemicals, we’re talking food and cooking gear, med supplies and clothing, or fall protection harnesses and ropes.

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box

An organizational caddy lets you keep some of your smaller items from finding their way to the bottom corners.

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box

Finally, Yeti introduces the Pack Attic. This zippered bag gives you space for lighter, flatter items to live in a place that’s easily accessible.

Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 Cargo Box

You May Need More than One

When I got my hands on the Yeti Loadout GoBox 30, I immediately realized that I need more than one. There are just too many scenarios that my family can take advantage of. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Boat dry box paired with a Yeti Tundra cooler for cold items
  • Hurricane preparation box (or other natural disasters like earthquakes and floods)
  • Camping food and food prep
  • Climbing gear
  • Fall protection
  • Ammo, pistol storage (TSA-friendly with a lock!)
  • Wilderness photography

What would you use a Yeti Loadout GoBox 30 for? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!


You can grab your Yeti Loadout GoBox for $250 in either white, tan, or black. There’s no word yet if they’re working on other sizes, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

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