Angel Jackets Carol Women Wool Coat Review

Angel Jackets Double Breasted Wool Coat

Warm and Comfortable, the Carol Women Black Double Breasted Wool Coat Satisfies

The Angel Jackets Carol Women Wool Coat should earn a spot in next year’s 2023 Christmas Gift Guide. I actually wore it enough to offer a more in-depth look at this warm jacket. Hopefully, I’ll convey enough about the coat for you to determine if it’s a good fit for your personal fall or winter collection.

Wearing the Angel Jackets Carol Women Wool Coat


Wool is a fantastic material for warmth. If, however, you don’t break it up, the material can chafe and scratch. Angle Jackets uses what they call premium quality wool fabric. Even better, they provide an internal smooth viscose lining. The result is a beautiful wool coat look with the comfort of any other lined jacket. The wool coat also feels surprisingly lightweight—which surprised me…pleasantly.

Angel Jackets Wool Coat Women

Pro Tip: Wool coats aren’t waterproof. However, wool does have water-resistant properties due to the dense fibers. They can actually repel water droplets for a time, making them a decent choice for rainy weather. Use a nanoparticle waterproofing spray if you want additional waterproofing.

I’m fairly tall at 5’9, and the Angel Jackets Carol Women Wool Coat fits me perfectly in a size Small. The jacket has plenty of room, and the double-breasted design has a nice classic-elegant look that I love. Notably, I liked the classy notch lapel double-breasted button closure.

It also works well as an outer coat overtop layered clothing or as a warmer top coat for lighter wear when you intend to transition from the cooler outdoors to a warmer indoor area.

Double Breasted Coat

The jacket features a large wide lapel collar with two inner pockets. What it lacks, however, are outer pockets—at least in the Black version. I had overlooked this when ordering, and I can’t figure out why they would miss such an obviously helpful feature. Unless you’re practiced with no-pocket coats, you’ll find yourself sliding your hands overtop the flat area several times until you finally get used to it!

womens wool coat no pockets

The interior pockets fit anything I tended to carry with me (tissues, hand gel, etc). It’s not enough to ditch the purse, but that’s not exactly the idea. I was able to keep a pair of gloves in one when outside in the admittedly few cool Florida winter evenings we recently had.

Because the Angel Jackets Carol Women wool coat stays with a simple design, I found it easy to travel with. It’s one of my favorite grab-and-go jackets for cool weather.

Angel Jackets Carol Women Wool Coat Price

Get this jacket direct from Angel Jackets for $189 (typical retail is $239). You can select from several colors including Brown, Red, Maroon, Camel, and Black. Only the Black version lacks those exterior pockets. Sizing runs from XS to XXXL and Angel Jackets gives you a handy sizing guide on their website that we found fairly accurate.

The Bottom Line

The Angel Jackets Carol Women double-breasted wool coat offers casual elegance mixed with quality. We like the fabric quality, the lining, and the simple styling. For $189, you get just about everything…except pockets (at least not in the Black version). Still, this jacket satisfies and we find it a good value.

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