Bosch Connected Power Tools Technology Video

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, we spied a new development that signified yet another industry leader moving towards smart tech. The new Bosch Connected Power Tools use the Bosch Toolbox App to control things like kickback control, soft-start, and more for the newest Bosch power tools coming to market.

Bosch Connected Power Tools

Four new Bosch Connected Power Tools exist on the immediate horizon. Later his month Bosch will announce its first app-controlled tool: a new LED flood light. You can shut these work lights down on a schedule, group the lights together into arrays, or control them one at a time from the app. After that, around September, Bosch will release three more connected power tools.

Just prior to the 2017 STAFDA we should see a new angle grinder with optional soft-start and torque monitoring. In fact, the green square you see in the video turns yellow when the tool is really bearing down. Bosch will also bring its Brute Tough hammer drill and Brute Tough driver into the connected world. The Bosch connected drivers will have their new torque control which can be configured to handle various working conditions. While Milwaukee One-Key hit the market first with smart tool technology, seeing more manufacturers explore Bluetooth and wireless connectivity can only result in better tool control.

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