Who Makes the Best Backpack Blower? Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews

Who Makes the Best Backpack Blower?

Tim Johnson over at Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews has taken on the monster task to find out who makes the best backpack blower in an epic shootout with an absolute ton of useful information. This is a group of Pro-level beasts that make the blowers in our cordless blower shootout look like the JV squad. Here’s the start list:

Best Backpack Blower Starting List

  • Echo PB-770T

  • Husqvarna 580BTS

  • Makita EB7650TH

  • Maruyama BL9000

  • RedMax EBZ8500

  • Shindaiwa EB802

  • Stihl BR 700


There are several points worth discussing in this group. First is the fact that Makita uses their MM4 4-stroke technology – the only 4-stroke backpack blower in the group. There’s also a wide range of engine displacements running from Echo’s 63.3 cc to Shindaiwa and Maruyama running 79.2 cc. Does a bigger engine equal better performance?

On paper, at least, Maruyama is boasting more than 1000 CFM of air volume with Redmax, Husqvarna, and Stihl each eclipsing 900 CFM. On the other side of the equation, airspeed comes in with Shindaiwa cranking 245 MPH, Echo at 234 MPH, and Maruyama at 225 MPH. But those numbers don’t tell the whole story. Environmental factors come into play as does the variable of how each manufacturer is testing their claims.


Then there’s the question of whether CFM or MPH is a more important figure. Like we saw in our cordless blower shootout, Newton force tells us how much work is being done between the air volume and airspeed to make it a single, easy to rank value. That’s not all there is to it, though. There are ergonomics and features along with other performance metrics and value to help determine what the best bet is for Pros.

So who makes the best backpack blower? With prices ranging from $499 (Makita) to $589.99 (RedMax), you might be surprised at how close these blowers end up being to each other when you factor in the whole picture. We don’t want to spoil Tim’s fun, so head over to Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews to see the full details of his testing and how the final results played out.

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Why do not you the Oleomac bv 900?

David S
David S

Before I head on over to read the review, I wanted to say thanks for using the proper terminology when mentioning the Makita backpack blower; 4 stroke. Too many companies and people use the tern 4 cycle or 2 cycle, when cycle represents the total of all events that occur in an internal combustion engine. In actuality a 4 stroke and 2 stroke engine are actually 1 cycle engines, they both have the same four events that make up one cycle, but they do it in different ways. I won’t go into detail here at to the ways they accomplish… Read more »