CAT Power Tools, Batteries, and Chargers

CAT Power Tools

CAT Tools a Really Big Deal in Other Parts of the World

Ever heard of CAT Power Tools? Well, we hadn’t either, but apparently it’s a real thing that exists, just not in the US…yet. It looks like the brand is closely associated with, and made by, Positec Group Limited, which also owns the Worx and Rockwell Tools brands. What’s more, the CAT tool line looks pretty deep, seemingly covering all of the major bases. They have drills, demo hammers, grinders, fastening tools, cutting tools, sanders, lights, and more.

While all of this is interesting all by itself, perhaps the most interesting bit about the whole lineup is that its the first time we’ve seen a tool company use a graphene battery.

CAT Power Tools Batteries and Chargers

The CAT Power Tools battery lineup includes your standard 18V Lithium-ion batteries of various sizes. What has us particularly interested in this battery lineup is the 5.0Ah graphene polymer lithium battery.

For a sense of what graphene battery tech brings to the table, CAT tells us that the 18V GX5 5.0Ah battery can charge to full in just 18 minutes with the brand’s quick charger.

Charge a 5.0 amp-hour battery in just 18 minutes?!? Yes, please.

These batteries also stay cooler under heavy loads, resisting overheating or tool shut-down due to temperature. Additionally, the graphene batteries continue to work in frigid temperatures (under -25°C). CAT guarantees that the life cycle on these batteries lasts 5 times longer than a Lithium-ion battery.

CAT Battery and Charger Lineup

  • DXB2 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery
  • DXB4 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery
  • GXB5 18V 5.0Ah Graphene Battery
  • DXC4 18V 4A Battery Charger
  • DXC15 18V 15A Battery Charger

CAT Power Tools Cordless Drills

CAT Power Tools offers a varied selection of cordless drills ranging from 12V drills and impact drills to 18V drills and hammer drills. The company also offers some corded options. CAT has both a 750W and 850W impact drill.

CAT Tools 18V drill

Additionally, these drills all represent a mix of both brushed and brushless motors. While the CAT 18V cordless drills feature brushless motors, the 12V drills and impact drills (what we call a hammer drill) come with brushed motors.

CAT 18V Cordless Drills

  • DX11 18V 65N.m Drill Driver
  • DX12 18V 65N.m Hammer Drill
  • DX13 18V 80N.m Hammer Drill
  • DX12K 18V 2in1 Combo Kit (Hammer Drill and Impact Driver)

CAT 12V Cordless Drills

  • DX14 12V 10mm Drill Driver
  • DX15 12V 10mm Impact Drill

CAT Corded Impact Drills (Hammer Drills)

  • DX17 750W 13mm Impact Drill
  • DX16 850W 13mm Impact Drill

CAT Rotary and Demo Hammers

CAT Power Tools offers a cordless and corded options in the stable of rotary and demo hammer selections as well. In the case of the 18V rotary hammer, you get a brushless motor while the corded models come with a brushed motor. The 18V and 1500W both feature an SDS chuck.

CAT 18V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

  • DX21 18V 2.2J SDS Rotary Hammer

CAT Corded Rotary and Demolition Hammers

  • DX26 800W 26mm Rotary Hammer
  • DX27 1500W 32mm SDS Rotary Hammer
  • DX28 1100W 5Kg Demolition Hammer

CAT Power Tools Grinders

The CAT Power Tools lineup also includes a wide selection of angle grinders, though it looks like the majority are corded models. Presently, CAT does offer a single brushless 18V cordless model that includes overload protection.

CAT Power Tools 18V angle grinder

CAT 18V Angle Grinder

  • DX31B 18V 115mm/125mm Angle Grinder

CAT Power Tools Corded Angle Grinders

  • DX37 750W 115mm/125mm Angle Grinder
  • DX371 750W 115mm/125mm Angle Grinder
  • DX372 750W 100mm Angle Grinder
  • DX36 1200W 125mm Angle Grinder
  • DX35 2350W 230mm Angle Grinder
  • DX351 2350W 230mm Angle Grinder
  • DX352 2350W 180mm Angle Grinder

CAT Impact Driver

CAT Power Tools 18V impact driver

Presently, CAT Power Tools only offers one cordless impact driver. The DX71 18V 215N.m 3-Speed Impact Driver features a brushless motor and 3-speed design. Under no-load, it reaches up to 3,200 rpm and 3,600 bpm.

  • Model: CAT DX71
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Chuck Size: 1/4″ Hex
  • No-Load Speed: 0-1,300/2,100/3,200 rpm
  • Impact Rate: 0-1,600/2,900/3,600 bpm
  • Max Torque: 215N.m
  • Weight: 2.07kg
  • Kit Includes: Two 2.0Ah batteries, 4A charger, belt clip, case

CAT Circular Saws

Again, CAT’s circular saw options cover both the cordless and corded categories. The cordless model, as we’ve seen almost across the board, features a brushless motor with Soft Start and Overload protection. The two corded models offer a range of power outputs, though all three models fall into the 185mm category for sizing (in American parlance, that means 7-1/4″).

CAT Power Tools circular saws

CAT 18V Cordless Circular Saw

  • DX53B 18V 185mm Circular Saw

CAT Circular Saws

  • DX59 1400W 185mm Circular Saw
  • DX56 1800W 185mm Circular Saw

CAT Reciprocating Saws

Two CAT reciprocating saws include one on the 18V platform and a corded model. The corded recip has a marginally longer stroke length at 30mm (~1-1/8″), but the 18V model offers marginally better power with 200 more strokes per minute.

CAT Power Tools 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

  • Model: CAT DX52B
    • Voltage: 18V
    • Stroke Length: 29mm
    • No-Load Speed: 0-3,000 spm
    • Max Cut Capacity: 300mm in wood, 12mm in steel
    • Weight: 2.80Kg (bare tool)

CAT Tools Corded Reciprocating Saw

  • Model: CAT DX58
    • Rated Power: 1200W
    • Stroke Length: 30mm
    • No-Load Speed: 0-2,800 spm
    • Max Cut Capacity: 300mm in wood, 12mm in steel, 150mm in plastic
    • Weight: 3.70kg

Other CAT Power Tool Offerings

While CAT has all of the major power tool bases covered, we found that they’ve also covered an impressive spectrum of more specialized tools (particularly for a brand we’ve never heard of in the US). Some of what CAT offers are:

  • DX51B 18V 26mm Jig Saw
  • DX57 750W 26mm Jig Saw
  • DX54 750W 20mm Jig Saw
  • DX89 2100W Router
  • DX55 1400W 110mm Tile Cutter
  • DX519 2200W 355mm Cut Off Saw
  • DX42B 18V 125mm Orbital Rotary Sander
  • DX48 950W Belt Sander
  • DX41B 18V SDS Oscillating Multi-Tool
  • DX49 350W SDS Oscillating Multi-Tool
  • DX81B 18V 2mm Planer
  • DX86 900W 3mm Planer
  • DX87 2000W Heat Gun
  • DX38 1400W 180mm Polisher
  • DX62B 18V Jobsite Work Light
  • DX61B 18V Bluetooth Radio

For more information about CAT power tools, click here.

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