Riding Mower Reviews & Buying Guides

Riding mowers include standard zero-turn mowers which dominate the professional landscaping market. Newer battery-powered zero-turn mowers, however, have gained traction where environmental concerns play a larger role. Our zero turn mower reviews tackle the tough questions of which products lead the market. Zero turns differ in ride comfort, blade and deck options, and also speed and cut quality. Electric zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors are shaking up the industry, however these riding mowers still need some time to fully mature. We also review stand-on mowers which provide superior visibility and save room on landscaping trailers. Riding mowers present a unique solution for homeowners and professionals looking to mow lawns quickly and efficiently.

Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Mower Preview

Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Lawnmower Preview

The G1-RM10 Recharge Mower has been under development for over 3 years. The 36V battery-powered riding lawn mower delivers up to three hours of continuous cutting and driving – and all this without gas, oil, or emissions. What’s really impressive is that the mower sports a fairly compact size, easy maneuverability, adjustable cutting height, and a large (3 bushel) grass catcher. The Recharge Mower seems perfectly suited for just about every lawn. On top of that, it’s actually pretty ergonomic, so it’s also great for those who may have physical disabilities (it has an easy-access seat). Now the people behind the Recharge Mower wee going for the “truly” green mower. The Recharge uses three eco-friendly electric motors and, of course, it emits absolutely no carbon emissions.