May 14, 2021

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Accessory Reviews

Our power tool accessory reviews include products such as impact-rated bits, driver bits, bit holders, hole saws, spade bits, and more. If you care about power tools, then the accessories are what make or break your daily use. Choose the right power tool accessories, and your tools will last longer, cut or drive faster, and increase productivity. Unbiased Power Tool Accessory Reviews When we do power tool accessory reviews we line up the latest products of a particular category and ensure everything if fair. Variables other than the power tool accessory are eliminated. That means we use the same tools. We apply weights when possible to ensure cut consistency. We do everything in our power to eliminate as much bias as possible. A great example is when testing reciprocating saw blades. We’ll use weights to ensure the saws are applying the same amount of downward pressure on the blades when cutting. Material will be utilized which is as uniform as possible. This avoids knots or other irregularities. In the end, the right accessories will change everything. Put a bad bit or blade in a tool and it will perform like a lesser tool. Use the right accessory, and your day will go more quickly.

Milwaukee Carbide Multi-material Drill Bits

Milwaukee Carbide Multi-Material Drill Bits

Shockwave Carbide Bits Handle A Variety of Materials Milwaukee designed the Carbide Multi-Material Drill Bits with the versatility to handle any material the job throws at you. Bricks, block, concrete, steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, backerboard, wood, PVC, and drywall all crumble to the mighty power of these Milwaukee Shockwave bits. We’ve already covered the best […]

Diablo SPEEDemon Self-Feed Bits Review

With Twice the Cutting Edges, Diablo Self-Feed Bits Speed Up Rough-Ins Self-feed bits are helpful, but traditionally, cordless drill users complain that they can be inefficient, slow, short-lived, and tear through a battery charge. In response to these common complaints, Diablo has put in the research to come up with a solution that works specifically […]

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels with One-Way Refill Valve

Crescent Lufkin Redesigns Chalk Reels to Relieve Pain Points Chalks Reels have a deserved reputation for messiness. Crescent Lufkin contends that messiness is only half the problem. A lot of chalk reels also tend toward being inefficient and poorly built. That doesn’t seem the case with the Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel. The company designed this […]

Diablo rebar demon SDS-Max Plus bits

Diablo Rebar Demon SDS-Plus and SDS-Max Bits

No Rebar Cutter Required! One of the biggest problems with drilling in reinforced concrete revolves around the differences in heat that the bit handles during the job. When the bit hits rebar, it gets exposed to extreme heat. As it cools back down, the integrity of the bit gets compromised. It often breaks much more […]

Milwaukee One-Key Asset Id Tag

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags | Everything You Need to Know

Manage Your Tool and Equipment Inventories Time flies when you’re building the construction industry’s largest and most comprehensive inventory management system—just ask Milwaukee Tool, whose One-Key is already turning five years old. Not only does the Milwaukee One-Key network now boast over five million location updates per day for management and loss-prevention purposes, but it’s […]

T-Rex Duct Tape review

T-Rex Tape Review | Terrorize Your Odd Jobs

Is It the Strongest Duct Tape to Ever Roam the Earth? Duct tape, one of the most useful tools in the shop, hasn’t seen a whole lot of modification over the years. We wouldn’t have thought it needed a reboot, either. But, here we are. T-Rex Brute Force Tape, which claims to be the strongest […]

Spyder Diamon Edge Cut Off Wheel

Spyder Segmented Diamond Grinder Blades

Spyder 5″ and 7″ Segmented Diamond Grinder Blades Cut Through Almost Anything In addition to the original 4-1/2-inch Spyder diamond edge cut-off wheels, Spyder now has 5″ and 7″ segmented diamond grinder blades available. With a diamond abrasive cutting surface, these Spyder grinder wheels can quickly cut through just about any material. Diamonds are a […]

Spyder Jigsaw Blades

Spyder Jigsaw Blade Kits for Wood, Metal, and Multi-Material

Spyder’s Cobalt and Vanadium Blades Rip Through a Menagerie of Materials The Spyder jigsaw blade kits come in a variety of design and packaging configurations. And, with an 8% cobalt and chrome vanadium blend, these blades from Spyder Tools should have the requisite strength for tackling wood, nail-embedded wood, steel, non-ferrous metal, PVC and more. […]

Milwaukee Wrecker carbide SawZall blade

Milwaukee Ax and Wrecker Carbide Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee Carbide Sawzall Blades Engineered to Cut Better for Longer Milwaukee Tool expanded its line of carbide-tipped Sawzall reciprocating saw blades, adding several new products. Primarily, they have new Milwaukee Ax Carbide and Wrecker Carbide reciprocating saw blades. They now better handle applications like pruning, cutting nail-embedded wood, metal-cutting, and getting through tough cast iron. […]

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Fine-Finish 7-1/4-inch Tarantula Circular Saw Blades

Spyder Tarantula Circular Saw Blades Clean Up Spyder Tarantula 40-tooth and 60-tooth ultra-fine finish saw blades deliver more options beyond simple framing saw blades. They also added nickel-cobalt teeth, claiming 6 times longer life over conventional carbide saw blades. Spyder Tarantula Saw Blades Features With 40- and 60-tooth blades joining the lineup of Spyder fine-finish […]