May 14, 2021

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Accessory Reviews

Our power tool accessory reviews include products such as impact-rated bits, driver bits, bit holders, hole saws, spade bits, and more. If you care about power tools, then the accessories are what make or break your daily use. Choose the right power tool accessories, and your tools will last longer, cut or drive faster, and increase productivity. Unbiased Power Tool Accessory Reviews When we do power tool accessory reviews we line up the latest products of a particular category and ensure everything if fair. Variables other than the power tool accessory are eliminated. That means we use the same tools. We apply weights when possible to ensure cut consistency. We do everything in our power to eliminate as much bias as possible. A great example is when testing reciprocating saw blades. We’ll use weights to ensure the saws are applying the same amount of downward pressure on the blades when cutting. Material will be utilized which is as uniform as possible. This avoids knots or other irregularities. In the end, the right accessories will change everything. Put a bad bit or blade in a tool and it will perform like a lesser tool. Use the right accessory, and your day will go more quickly.

Spyder Black-Series Reciprocating Saw blades

Spyder Black Series Reciprocating Saw Blades with Cobalt

Black Series Bi-Metal Blades Take on Tough Cutting Tasks Spyder has launched the Black Series reciprocating saw blades that the brand has designed to take on the toughest cutting applications. These aggressive and durable blades, Spyder claims, cut up to 3 times faster and 10 times longer than standard bi-metal blades. Spyder Black Series Features […]

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Drill Bits

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits with Carbide

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits Walk Less and Drill Cleanly With an exact start tip, the Milwaukee Glass and Tile drill bits drill clean holes with a minimal amount of walking. Designed for use in glass and ceramic tile, these bits should work really well for many kitchen and bath applications. Turn Your Drill Into […]

Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Bits

Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

Milwaukee MX4 Bits Even Tackle Rebar Milwaukee released its MX4 Rotary Hammer Bits that come in both SDS-Plus and SDS-Max formats. These bits feature a 4-cutter solid carbide head to drill through the toughest, rebar-reinforced concrete. Concrete Meets Its Match…Again Milwaukee tells us that the MX4 bits have the goods to last 5x longer in […]

Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels

Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels for Masonry

Diablo Continuous and Segmented Wheels Feature Universal Arbors Diablo X-Lock Diamond Wheels come in both continuous rim and segmented masonry cut-off styles. Both tout durability and ramped-up productivity. Like Bosch X-Lock wheels, they also feature a universal fit. That means these diamond blades fit both 7/8″ arbor angle grinders and X-Lock arbor angle grinders. Clean, […]

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Review

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Review

Spyder Stinger Spade Bit Drops Bosch Daredevil in Speed Tests Spyder is forging a name for itself by driving deeper into the power tool accessories category. Making it in a competitive space means more than just producing a product—it has to perform. We tested the Spyder Stinger spade bit against Bosch’s Daredevil and Irwin’s next-gen […]

Best Drill Bit Buying Guide

Best Drill Bits Reviews 2021 | Recommendations from Pros

We’ve used hundreds of the best drill bits to see which excelled in wood, steel, aluminum, and other materials. First of all, tons of drill bit options exist on the market—weeding through the choices can be tough. We broke down our picks by application, covering everything from materials to type of user. So whether you’re […]

Diablo Step Bits

Diablo Step Bits | Walk-Free Fast Unibits

Diablo Step Bits Promises 2X Faster Cutting and 6X Longer Life The Diablo Step Bits collection brings the sort of design that ought to appease even the most demanding electrician, plumber, or HVAC contractor. Diablo claims that, with their exclusive technology, these bits will not only cut faster, but they’ll last longer doing it. And, […]

Best 12-inch Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

Best Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

For years woodworkers relied on the best table saws or radial-arm saws for their most accurate machine-made miters and crosscuts. When miter saws first came along, they were crude affairs and not readily adopted by those who valued accuracy over portability. For job site carpentry, these tools were great time savers. However, it took quite […]