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Our charger and battery reviews for cordless tools evaluate battery packs, battery chargers, and other technologies and accessories. We tackle cordless batteries, chargers, and accessories for everything from 3.6V to 120V systems. A few years ago we would have said from 3.6V to 36V. Recently, however, advances in outdoor power equipment have yielded battery packs with much higher voltages. Add new products like DeWalt FlexVolt technology, and you can see there is a lot of room for adept battery reviews. Even the new Milwaukee 9.0 Ah High Demand battery shook up the market with power reserves never before seen in cordless power tools. Chargers and Battery Reviews for Tradesmen For the average tradesmen, they want a battery that will last. A lot of times that goes along with the tool being used. Other times, however, a superior battery platform can also bring the best out of a cordless tool. Better batteries bring longer run-times and more power (thanks to higher power densities in lithium-ion batteries). When new battery technology and products come out, we let you know with our battery reviews and break down the facts.

Milwaukee M18 Top-Off 175W Power Supply

Milwaukee M18 Top-Off 175W Power Supply

Milwaukee Top-Off Power Supply Recharges and Powers Electronics Simultaneously Recharging and powering your devices on the jobsite just got a whole lot easier with the Milwaukee M18 Top-Off 175W Power Supply (2846-20). When attached to any M18 battery, this power supply delivers fast, simultaneous power to your phones, tablets, and more. Portable Power for All […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Greenworks 300W Power Inverter

Greenworks 60V 300W Power Inverter Review

The Greenworks 60V 300W power inverter (model 2950102T) is a battery inverter that works with any of the company’s 60V batteries. It makes a lot of sense as an add-on if you’re already using 60V tools from Greenworks Pro to take care of your yard work. This 60V 300-watt power inverter simply converts that battery […]

Bosch Hellion Turbo Charger

Bosch Hell-Ion Turbo Charger | GAL18V-160C

Bosch Gives 18V Charging a Power Boost Bosch gives Pros yet another reason to jump into their 18V platform. The Bosch Hell-Ion 16.0 Amp Turbo Charger virtually eliminates downtime with its incredibly quick charge times. For instance, it takes a dead Core18V 8.0Ah battery back up to a 50% charge in just 15 minutes. Bells […]

Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 Boosts Capacity

Milwaukee USB Battery Now Runs 20% Longer The Milwaukee RedLithium USB 3.0 Ah battery delivers 20% more capacity for USB Rechargeable products. The updated batteries hit retailers in May 2020 with a price tag only slightly higher than the original Redlithium USB batteries. Currently, the following tools use the Milwaukee RedLithium USB platform and can […]

Standard Vs Advanced Battery Thursday Throwdown!

Standard Vs Advanced Battery Thursday Throwdown!

Do advanced batteries really make that big of a difference? That’s the question we’re tackling in this standard vs advanced battery Pro Tool Reviews Thursday Throwdown! Standard Vs Advanced Battery: What’s the Difference? In general, “standard” batteries use 18650 cells along with electronics packages and wiring that allows them to deliver solid power. Some of […]

Lithium-silicon batteries supercharge power tools

Lithium-Silicon Batteries Poised to Supercharge Power Tools

Lithium-Silicon Batteries Poised to Replace Graphite and Create and Better, Faster, Cheaper Battery We caught wind of some pretty crazy-sounding promises from lithium-silicon batteries. To get an idea if it’s just a bunch of hype or if it really is a viable future for lithium-ion batteries, we hopped on a call with technology innovation company, […]

DeWalt 12-Amp Fast Charger and 6A Charger DCB1112

DeWalt 12-amp Fast Charger and 6A Charger | DCB1112

DeWalt Debuts Two New Chargers to Minimize Downtime Two of the latest DeWalt battery chargers let Pros quickly charge dead batteries in record time. Debuting in Spring 2020, the DCB1112 12-amp Fast Charger and DCB1106 6-amp Charger are billed as fast and efficient, keeping you and your team as productive as possible. DeWalt DCB1112 12-Amp […]

Metabo 12V Battery Adapter | Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB

Metabo 12V Battery Adapter | Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB

Bright Idea: Metabo 12V Battery Adapter Gives You Fast USB Charging Access and an LED Flashlight Metabo has released its Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB Battery Adaptor, which lets you use a Metabo 12V battery as a portable source of power for things like cell phones, tablets, that health tracker you got for Christmas, or anything […]

Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger

Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger 48-59-1802

Milwaukee is releasing another charging option for M18 battery users. The Milwaukee Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger can charge two M18 batteries at once, and Milwaukee says it does it 3X faster than standard sequential chargers. What’s the Big Deal? Most of the important information that you need to know about the M18 Dual Bay […]

Milwaukee MX FUEL System batteries

Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment and Batteries | What You Need to Know

Milwaukee has long settled on a trade-focused approach to power tools. They also maintained a ton of consistency and backward-compatibility with their M18 FUEL tools. But what about light equipment? This includes tools that need more power and runtime than M18 currently delivers. Power cutters. Core drills. Bigger tools. To address this type of trade […]