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When you talk about jobsite lighting, many products come to mind. Our job site lighting reviews including everything from LED flashlights to work lights and other lighting systems. We cover everything for the workshop or job site but also deal in portable lighting, including battery powered and cordless lights. These new cordless lighting products provide hours of runtime. They shine brighter and have more color accuracy than ever before. Newer LED-based lighting products also have the kind of run-time you only imagined a battery-based tool could have. Job Site Lighting Reviews for Contractors and Shop Owners We feel that halogen job site lighting has reached the end of its life. Newer LED-based lighting solutions like the Festool SysLite DUO work light and the Maxxeon WorkStar 5000 work light have made that clear. Even smaller battery-powered products have changed jobsite lighting. A great example includes the RYOBI Hybrid LED work light. Our job site lighting reviews focus on several key elements. What is the light output? How well does the light cover the work area? If battery-powered, does the LED light provide enough run-time? What is the quality of light (hotspots, color temperature, etc)?

Milwaukee M18 Stand Light

Milwaukee M18 Stand Light and LED High Power Floodlight

At last year’s 2014 Milwaukee Tools media event the company introduced cordless lighting products with TrueView LEDs. These new LEDs deliver daylight color and retain colors without casting a blue wash over everything. This is insanely cool for when you’re trying to make connections in electrical panels and for low voltage wiring applications. Now, Milwaukee […]

Review7.5(out of 10)
In360Light florescent light

In360Light CFL Light Review

I hate working in the dark. It’s like trying to hammer a nail while drinking an open glass of soda or beer (try it sometime). Lots of my emergency calls to help friends or family occur at night, and much of the time I need a reliable light to flood an area with something a […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
qlite pro smartphone led floodlight

QLite Pro Smartphone LED Floodlight Review

I’ve been both a home renovator and a smartphone user for a long time. Invariably both of these factors coalesce into a solitary problem where there simply isn’t enough light to take a photo of something I need to see clearly or document. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plumbing situation behind a washer and dryer, […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Ryobi One+ Hybrid Work Light

Ryobi P720 Hybrid LED Work Light

The newest member of Ryobi’s One+ 18V family is the P720 Ryobi Hybrid LED work light. The 20-watt LED light features 1700 lumens of light output. It runs off of either a standard power cord or your Ryobi One+ 18V battery. Neither are included, but any extension cord works beautifully and you’ve already got a […]

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern and Waterproof LED Lights

Blackfire recently gave us a peek at their new Clamplight Lantern. The Clamplight was designed with outdoorsmen in mind and seems to have plenty of followers among camping enthusiasts. The versatility of the design means that there are plenty of applications around our shops and job sites as well. This is more of a versatile light than a […]

Milwaukee 2361-20 LED Flood

Milwaukee 2361-20 M18 LED Flood Light Preview

When we attended the 2013 Milwaukee press event earlier this year, I saw a new tool that really caught my eye…particularly because I was staring at the LEDs when it was turned on (don’t do that!) The new Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light runs on the M18 RedLithium battery platform and claims best in class […]

Rechargeable Coast Flashlights Preview

We’ve been fans of Coast flashlights for quite some time, but until now they’ve run on alkaline batteries. That’s all changed with the introduction of three new rechargeable Coast flashlights, including the A25R, A22R and A9R. All three flashlights have high quality stainless steel shells and are easy to clean. As a bonus, the  A25R […]

Switch Lighting 3-Way LED Bulbs

Switch Lighting is one of the companies that’s been heading up the LED bulb revolution. While it may have been forced onto us via government regulation, LED bulbs are pretty impressive—and they save tons of energy, particularly in larger installations where you have hundreds if not thousands of bulbs. Switch is known for making true […]

Here Come the LED PAR38 Floodlights

For a while now I’ve been wondering where all the outdoor LED floodlights were. After all, wouldn’t that be the logical place for super high-power solid state lighting technology? Turns out they’ve been around, but more and more venders are starting to bring new products to market and prices are continuing to drop – making […]

Spotlight Shifter 2.0 LED Flashlight Review

Spotlight Shifter 2.0 LED Flashlight Review

The Spotlight Shifter 2.0 has the makings of an exceptional and compact LED flashlight. Its narrow body, long run-time, and easy-to-adjust beam make for a product that will have decent appeal to the masses. The Shifter 2.0 uses a pair of standard AAA batteries to power its LED lamp at up to 110 lumens of output. It also features a Reflector Lens System (RLS) which lets you direct the light output in either spot or beam mode by simply twisting the front of the flashlight.