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Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 10.0
  • Beam Quality 9.5
  • Lumen Output 6.0
  • Feature Set 9.5
  • Runtime 7.0
  • Value 9.5

Compared to other flashlights, it's not the brightest and doesn't have the best runtime, but this is a GREAT light for the electrician's tool bag!

Overall Score 8.5 (out of 10)

The Klein Flashlight with Worklight and Penlight with Laser made their debuts together a while back and I’ve had the chance to use both for several weeks now. With the focus squarely on the flashlight in this review (don’t worry, the penlight review is coming), there are a lot of little things Klein put on this model to get the attention of electricians. So let’s not bother with the small talk.

Key Features


There are two lights on this model – the standard flashlight and a side-facing worklight. Cycling between modes is as simple as clicking the switch multiple times. Give it more than 5 seconds between clicks and you’ll default to the flashlight every time.

Build Quality

Klein started working with aluminum housings on their lighting solutions and that’s a good thing for durability. The hi-vis orange color is easy to see in the tool bag and remains the color of choice here. The aluminum makes for a solid protective casing around the LED chips and batteries while the o-rings give it an IP67 rating against water and dust intrusion. You’re not going to get much better than that.

On the comfort side, Klein includes a cushion grip around most of the bottom half.

Magnetic Ring

What makes the worklight feature so useful is that it works in combination with a magnetic ring around the power switch. Stuck on a panel box or steel beam, this gives you the ability direct the worklight any direction you need it.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review


Most flashlights don’t get the benefit of a clip, though some do get a sheath with belt loop. I like the clip idea. Often I’m working in tight enough space that putting the light in my chest pocket and the clip gives it an extra measure of security that it won’t fall out while I’m leaning over. If it’s in the way, you can take it off and put it back on later if you like. It just slips around the housing, so you won’t need any tools.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

Glow in the Dark Ring

A glow in the dark ring surrounds the lens and recharges when the light is on. After you turn the light off, it’s very bright but fades quickly. Still, it remains visible in a dark tool bag and is very handy for locating the flashlight quickly.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review


Light Output

235 lumens is decent for this size of flashlight, but rechargeable lithium-ion models can push 1000. Granted, they’re a lot more expensive, too. But we also need to keep things in perspective considering what the Klein Flashlight with Worklight is designed to do. For the electrician working in close quarters, 235 is bright enough to light up the area without blinding you with the light reflection you can get with other lights.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

On the worklight side. you’ll get 100 lumens. In my testing, 12 to 18 inches is the optimal distance for work that you really need to see. Much closer is too bright. Farther away and you begin to lose some detail, but you can get a good overall picture of what you’re looking out to 36 inches or so.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

Light Quality and Throw

The throw is broad, again fitting the needs of an electrician working in dark close quarters. Its beam is cast at roughly 70 degrees or close to 9 inches in light diameter for every 6 inches away from the object.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

Klein really dialed in the light quality with this model. The light temperature makes other colors pop – like the colors you find on wires. The throw doesn’t suffer from any noticeable hot spots or artifacts, either. It’s a clean, broad beam that’s just about perfect for the application.

The worklight throw isn’t as refined as the flashlight, but its oval-shaped beam gets the job done.


You’ll get different runtime length depending on what brand of battery you use. In general, you can expect around 12 hours of runtime using just the worklight and 6 hours with the flashlight. I haven’t actually tested these claims, mainly because I don’t want to waste batteries that I’m going to have to throw away.

Of all the things this light does really well, the fact that it’s not rechargeable might be the only complaint. you’re not going to find that feature in a $30 flashlight, though. At least not one with the kind of quality we find in the rest of the build.

The Bottom Line

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Review

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair to be as objective as we have to be. That’s the case with the Klein Flashlight with Worklight. It’s not the brightest light and doesn’t have the best runtime compared to the flashlight category as a whole, but what a GREAT light for the electrician’s tool bag! For what Klein designed this light to be, it’s a home run.

The build quality here is outstanding with an aluminum housing and IP67 rating against the elements. That combines with a clean, broad throw with no hotspots or artifacts to get in the way of your work.

The addition of a worklight and magnetic base take this flashlight to another level. For electricians that don’t want to wear a low-power headlamp when working in close quarters, this is solid. The tradeoff is that you do need a reasonable place to set it or ferrous metal to stick it on, but I’ll still take it. And yours, too, if you don’t want it.

This is the flashlight every electrician needs to have in his or her tool bag – end of story, thank you very much, take my money.

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Key Features

  • Bright, focused flashlight and broadcasting work light in one tool
  • Strong magnet for secure, hands-free illumination
  • Glow ring tip charges while the light is on and allows for easy retrieval in the dark
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Aluminum body with cushion-grip handle
  • Pocket clip for easy, convenient access

Klein Flashlight with Worklight Specifications

  • Model: Klein 56028
  • Run Time: Flashlight 6 hrs.; Worklight 12 hrs.
  • Light Output: 235 lumens (flashlight), 100 lumnes (worklight)
  • Power Source: 3 x AAA (included)
  • Weight: 0.34 lbs.
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Certifications and Listings: CE, REACH, RoHS Compliant
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 4-51/64″ x 1-25/64″ x 1-19/64″
  • Drop Protection: 10 ft. (3m)
  • Material: Aluminum Body, Silicone Grip
  • Special Features: IP67 Rated
  • Standard: FL1
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Warrany: Lifetime
  • Price: $24.97
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Mine dims itself over time. Fully charged, last about an hour before it’s so dim you can’t see what you’re doing anymore. Turn it off and on again and viola…it’s bright again…for an hour. It’s a constant fight to reset this thing to the max lumen output. Going to have to turn it in for defects.

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