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Power Tool Technology

We write a lot about power tool technology and the benefits for the contractor or tradesman. This includes lithium-ion battery technology as well as tool control and tracking. Our Milwaukee One-Key hands on review, delivers an in-depth look at how power tool technology can change the job site. Another example includes the Hilti ON!Track Asset Management Tool which handles inventory tracking and more. Even cell phones affects how you work. Our Kyocera Brigadier smart phone review shows there are truly durable, job site-tough waterproof options for Pros. Power Tool Technology Updates We also cover other areas of power tool technology such as hardware mechanisms. That includes how a rotary hammer works and understanding the difference between brushed vs brushless motors. Do a lot of tiling or cutting? You can find everything you need to know about diamond blades. With new technology comes new areas for saving money or time. You can benefit from better ergonomics, higher cutting speeds, and more power. New tool tech also helps in lowering maintenance costs. Every bit helps!

tool technology update

Cordless Tool Technology Update

Earlier this year when we began to talk about Power Tool Innovations in 2016, we covered some of the ways in which cordless tools were making use of advanced battery technology, bluetooth communication, and even advanced LED chipsets. These tools are offering more power, better features, smarter functions, and they are appealing to a wider […]

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Jabra Steel In Ear

Jabra Steel Bluetooth Headset Review

Jabra Steel Bluetooth Headset Designed for Jobsite Conditions With the age of the smart jobsite being ushered in, the fact that our devices have to be connected is on everyone’s radar. On the other hand, protecting those devices is being left to other companies to sort out. Jabra, a well-known manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, has […]

Kyocera Rugged Smart Phones

Kyocera Rugged Smart Phones for AT&T

We’re not supposed to play favorites – everyone knows that. Still, it’s tough to go to a show like World of Concrete and not spend some time reflecting on who the big winners were on the plane ride home. There’s a lot to see at a show that takes over the majority of the Las […]

Diamond Blades - Husqvarna Vari-Cut

How Diamond Blades Cut Concrete and Steel – Everything We Know

Understanding Diamond Blades is the Key to Realizing Their Value When building structures have to withstand the toughest elements, most tradesmen use concrete because it is versatile, durable, and economical. Concrete can be easily shaped and colored, and it is one of the safest building materials available. Concrete construction has been common practice since the […]

Milwaukee 9.0 amp hour battery announced

Milwaukee 9.0 Ah Battery Technology Overview

We originally saw the Milwaukee 9.0 Ah battery (48-11-1890) in 2015 at Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium and immediately started wondering what kind of cordless tools this capacity could open up. They were already pushing the limits with cordless mag drills and rotary hammers. A Milwaukee 9Ah battery opened the final door towards 18V table saws […]

Bosch inductive charging tools

Bosch Inductive Charging Tools – Wireless Charging

Back in 2010 Bosch showed us something new: Cordless tools that didn’t need to have their batteries removed in order to charge. Bosch inductive charging was created as a method to allow mobile workers to quickly and easily charge their tools without the hassle of having to remove batteries or wonder if the tools were ready […]

Bosch Active Response Technology in Brute Tough Tools

The newest Brute Tough 18V drill/driver and hammer drill/driver will include Bosch Active Response Technology. This safety feature cuts power to the circuit when it the accelerometer senses a bind-up situation during use, protecting the user from having the tool transfer all that torque to their wrist. The Bosch DDH181X-01L model is the drill/driver while the […]

Paintable Lithium-ion Battery Technology Developed

Paintable Lithium-ion Battery Technology Developed

Let me just start off by voicing a general sense of wariness with new Lithium-ion technology in general. While there are tons and tons of articles about new anode and cathode technology, slimmer batteries, and differing compounds… most of the tech has been theoretical, or at the very least, impractical to mass produce. I’m going […]

Lithium-ion Gel Polymer Battery

University of Leeds Invents Lithium-ion Gel Polymer Battery

Scientists at the University of Leeds claim to have reinvented the lithium-ion battery – and they are using a polymer to make the batteries cheaper, more stable, and – most importantly – incredibly flexible. The new Lithium-ion gel polymer battery technology will, in fact, be able to be shaped into just about any form, eliminating the need […]

Bosch Full Force Technology finish nailer

Bosch Full Force Technology Pneumatic Nailers

Bosch moves into the area of pneumatics with the introduction of their Full Force Nailers. Theses nailers are a ground up fresh design that utilizes new Bosch technology that makes the tools 10% more powerful and 20% smaller. Along with the new nailers will come a line of matching air compressors.