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With siding and roofing tool reviews you put products into the hands of Pros who are often high off the ground. That’s no joke. If you’re testing a DeWalt DW45RN coil roofing nailer or Paslode CR175C cordless roofing nailer you don’t want to have to stop. We also test out products like the Duo-Fast button cap stapler as well as hand tools. Materials are also a big deal, and testing sheathing, fasteners, and other materials makes a difference. Siding & Roofing Tool Reviews From HardieBoard blades to dust mitigation, siding is taking on new roles in remodeling. Dust mitigation has now entered this industry as well and plays a major role. Having an OSHA fall protection plan now plays a major role in compliance for Pros. While roofing is largely unchanged, new solar tiles and advanced roofing tech may change the landscape. We try to stay on top of the latest developments. We hope our roofing tool reviews and articles can keep roofers and siding Pros up to speed.

PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

Cut Hardie Board With Your Drill and the Snapper Shear Pro At the 2019 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas we got a sneak peek demo of the PacTool Snapper Shear Pro. This $99 power tool accessory fits onto any cordless drill and lets you easily cut HardieBacker fiber cement boards. You can do straight […]

DAP DynaFlex Ultra

DAP DynaFlex Ultra Window and Door Sealant

Nearly every building professional and DIYer is familiar with DAP products. Their Alex Caulk is one of the most popular brands of sealant sold at big box stores nationwide. We’ve also reviewed DAP DynaGrip construction adhesive which is an advanced product for flooring and similar uses. That product actually won a Pro Tool Innovation Award in […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Ridgid R175RNF Coil Roofing Nailer

Ridgid R175RNF Coil Roofing Nailer

The last time we talked about roofing nailers, I told you that although there’s more variation among them than framing nailers, there’s still not a ton of differentiation. But it’s the weight that really tips the balance – pun intended – in favor of the tools I prefer. Most new roofing tools really just tinker around […]

Review9.0(out of 10)

DeWalt DW45RN Coil Roofing Nailer

Like its cousin the framing nailer, the roofing nailer is a staple of construction work. Unlike the collated nail stick of a framing nailer, most roofing nailers like the DeWalt DW45RN coil roofing nailer use a coil of wire-collated nails. Whereas the framer is used almost exclusively for framing, these roofing tools are a little […]

Review9.7(out of 10)
SawStop jobsite table saw review

SawStop Jobsite Table Saw Review JSS-120A60

It was during a time when I was shopping for the best portable jobsite table saw that I first read about SawStop technology. Its safety features quickly impressed me as did the build quality of the tool. While I liked the design, I didn’t exactly have the room for a full-size cabinet saw in my little shop. When the SawStop […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Ridgid MobilAir 8-Gallon Air Compressor

Ridgid MobilAir 8-Gallon Gas Compressor

We’ve come a long way in the restoration of the Parker Street neighborhood of Lakeland, Florida, but gaps still exist in the infrastructure. Sometimes there’s no access to electricity in the homes we work on. Often the wiring is so poor before a rehab that a large tool would trip a breaker. For our framing and repair […]

BOSTITCH Anti-Vibe Hammer Tacker

Bostitch Anti-Vibe Hammer Tacker

One of the leading causes of injury on the jobsite caused by long term exposure is vibration. It doesn’t care how strong you are or how good your grip is, it just slowly works on joints until they don’t work well anymore. While the most common culprits are aggressive tools like reciprocating saws or rotary […]

DeWalt Construction Nailers - DeWalt DWF83PL Framing Nailer

New DeWalt Construction Nailers On The Way

New DeWalt Construction Nailers Aim to Reduce Recoil The latest DeWalt construction nailers are hoping to get your attention with a few new features to make framing, siding, and roofing jobs a little easier on your arms. Both framing and roofing nailers have been designed to reduce recoil, but in different ways. DeWalt’s new framing […]

Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer 2

Milwaukee Bucket Wrap and Parachute Bag Organizers

Milwaukee Bucket Wrap Organizer Milwaukee is expanding with the new M18 Fuel…. wait, no, that’s not right at all. While it seems like it’s been a while since Milwaukee has announced any new power tools (aside from the exciting M18 Fuel Finish Nailers), fear not. The annual Milwaukee New Product Symposium is just around the […]

Milwaukee Cordless Caulk Gun window

Milwaukee Cordless Caulk Gun Review 2641-21CT

The Milwaukee Cordless caulk gun runs on the M18 RedLithium battery platform and is designed to apply both caulk and other tube or cartridge-based adhesives. With 950 lbs. of force at tip of your forefinger, you’re ready for the highest viscosity materials. This is not just a one or two speed trigger; you get the feel of  the […]