May 9, 2021

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PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

Cut Hardie Board With Your Drill and the Snapper Shear Pro

At the 2019 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas we got a sneak peek demo of the PacTool Snapper Shear Pro. This $99 power tool accessory fits onto any cordless drill and lets you easily cut HardieBacker fiber cement boards. You can do straight cuts, curved cuts, or even circles down to 3-inches in diameter. It maneuvers easily, rotating freely on the front of any cordless drill. That gives you the flexibility to move it along almost any path and make cuts without the bulk (or cost) of a full shear. I only wish this tool had been available during our recent siding remodel this Spring!

10-Second Summary

  • Model Number: SS724
  • Cut ¼”- ½” HardieBacker fiber cement backer board indoors with less mess
  • Cut straight, curved, circle and 90° cuts with ease, as small as a 3” diameter
  • Attaches to any drill motor (recommended 18V and above)
  • Durable and replaceable steel blades
  • Adjustable left or right handle
  • MSRP: $89.19

PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

Sell Us on the Snapper Shear Pro, PacTool…

The PacTool Snapper Shear Pro attaches to any cordless drill and gives contractors and remodelers the ability to cut HardieBacker fiber cement backer board with straight, curved, or corner cuts anywhere with less mess. PacTool is known for its innovation in fiber cement installation tools and the Snapper Shear Pro builds on this legacy.

-Greg Bonsib, General Tools VP of Marketing

What’s The Big Deal?

The cool thing about the PacTool Snapper Shear Pro is that you can forget about the tired, old “score and snap” method of cutting Hardieboard. Instead, you just slap the Snapper Shear Pro onto any 18V drill and let it do the hard work for you. Aside from this method being much faster, it also produces less mess and less airborne silica dust.

PacTool Snapper Shear Pro

The PacTool Snapper Shear Pro has a unique cutting shear that allows it to cut both straight lines as well as circles and curves as small as a 3″ diameter. 90° cuts are entirely possible as well, making it ideal for cutting around toilet flanges, hardware, outlets, corners, and in kitchen and bathroom installations and remodels.

The swivel gives it an ergonomic advantage over traditional snapper shears which don’t rotate. With a traditional tool, you have to move the entire device to make a curve. The Snapper Shear Pro simply lets you “steer” the accessory from the front of any cordless drill. While a great tool for bathrooms and other Hardiboard applications, it also makes a great siding tool for cutouts and corners.

Regarding durability and warranty, Pactool is a subsidiary of General Tools and Instruments Company LLC., so you find a bit of history behind the brand. The Snapper Shear Pro carries a 1-year limited warranty.

The PacTool Snapper Shear Pro retails for $89.19, and it’s available from both Amazon.com and Home Depot.

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Matt Herman

Wish I woulda had shears to do the fiber cement siding jobni did last year. Instead it was a “dustless” saw blade wich kicked up alot of dust so “dustless” turned into a huge mess.

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