Danner Steel Yard Work Boots Review

Danner Steel Yard
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 8.6

Danner Steel Yard boots do their best work on softer surfaces. They require some break-in time, but it's well worth it for the quality of their construction. These are boots that should keep working long after cement and direct attach boots have failed. 

Overall Score 8.6 (out of 10)

Danner Steel Yard Work Boots Are Built to Last and Look Great

Danner Steel Yard work boots have a great look to them, but we all know looks aren’t everything. We put these premium work boots on the feet of a couple of our Pros to see how they feel out of the box and after being worn on the job for a while.


  • Excellent value
  • Outstanding construction
  • Excellent stability
  • Great look


  • Requires more break-in time than many work boots

Editor’s Note: Check out our best work boots review article for our favorite products for all applications.


I normally wear a 9-1/2 and since boots sometimes run big, I started with a size 9. It turns out I didn’t need to do that and a 9-1/2 is exactly the right size for me.

Danner Steel Yard

On your feet, it’s pretty secure in the heel area and snug, but not tight, around the middle. The toe box opens up as you expect from work boots, though it’s not as generous as what we see from Keen Utility.

If you happen to wear a wide width normally, you need to order these wide. It’s a very accurate true-to-size fit and there’s not a lot of forgiveness on the width.


The Danner Stronghold boots we reviewed a while back come out of the box ready to work. The Danner Steel Yard work boots definitely need some break-in time.

Danner uses its DCS – Danner Comfort System – in the build. The midsole has some give to it, but not nearly as much as a softer EVA foam. The upside is that it will last longer than EVA and does a fine job absorbing vibrations.

Between the midsole and insole, it feels like there’s some kind of board there. It’s excellent at improving the overall stability of the boot on uneven surfaces. The tradeoff is that it takes some of the cushioning effects of the midsole away from your feet.

Danner Steel Yard

The insole plays a big part in pulling the comfort level together. This replaceable inner has about a 1/2-inch of cushioning on the heel and thins down significantly as it moves forward. On the bottom, there are airflow channels to help keep moisture from building up.

Out of the box, assuming you take a couple of weeks to break them in well, these do very well on surfaces that have some give. If you primarily work on concrete, asphalt, or steel, you may want to swap out the insole for more cushioning, especially if you’re a big guy.


Danner Steel Yard work boots are some of the best-looking boots we’ve reviewed in a long time. Primarily brown with a gray-brown midsole and touch of black near the top, they’re a hiker-style that looks great with almost anything.

Danner Steel Yard

There are currently 6 models available on the men’s side and Danner doesn’t make a women’s model.

Danner Steel Yard Options

  • 8″ Steel Toe 400G (Insulated)
  • 8″ Steel Toe
  • 6″ Steel Toe with Met Guard (Non-Waterproof)
  • 6 in. Steel Toe 400G (Insulated)
  • 6″ Steel Toe
  • 6″ Steel Toe Hot (Non-Waterproof)

There’s just one color option and all the styles except the Met Guard and Hot have a waterproof membrane.


Starting from the bottom, the full-grain leather upper attaches to the oil and slip-resistant outsole with a solid Goodyear welt. It’s the strongest connection available and we prefer it for long-term wear even though there’s typically a longer break-in period. Some premium boots in the same price range go with a direct attach method that’s not as strong.

Danner Steel Yard

Most of the upper is held together with double-stitching and there’s 4-layer stitching across the heel. There’s a little bit of single stitching along the tongue and pull tab.

I’ve had boots in the past that fail first at the lace hook because of weak materials. Some hooks are so soft you can push them in with your thumb. That’s not the case for Danner. The hooks they’ve chosen are strong and should last the life of the boot.

Overall, the construction of these boots is outstanding. If you’re the kind of guy that drives your truck for 300,000 miles before buying a new one, this is your kind of build.

Safety Ratings

If you’re looking to meet specific safety standards, here’s what the 6″ steel toe boots we tested are rated for:

  • ASTM F2413-18
  • I/75
  • C/75
  • EH


Pricing on Danner Steel Yard works boots ranges from $150 to $180 depending on which style you choose. The style we tested (6″ steel toe) lists for $160 and we’ve seen them a little lower online.

In the premium work boot class, that’s a pretty solid value considering the materials and construction Danner chose.

The Bottom Line

Danner Steel Yard boots do their best work on softer surfaces. They require some break-in time, but it’s well worth it for the quality of their construction. These are boots that should keep working long after cement and direct attach boots have failed.

Buy them if you’re looking for a high-quality boot to use on varying terrain that has a good value in the premium class. Pass if you’re primarily working on concrete or other hard surfaces and struggle to find a comfortable boot.

Learn more about these boots on Danner’s website.

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