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Don’t Buy These Tools You Should Avoid

Don't Buy These Tools You Should Avoid

We often hear how lucky we are—getting to play with tools every day. Manufacturers are constantly innovating, constantly upgrading, and consistently amazing us with their new products. However, occasionally, we spot a misfire. This happens when a tool comes out either half-baked or maybe just too specialized (or generalized) for its own good. Regardless, these tools don’t really appeal to us. Perhaps we just don’t understand the point. Or maybe we missed the point entirely—who knows. In any case, our recommendation is don’t buy these tools. These are the tools you should avoid regardless of whether you consider yourself a DIYer or a Pro.

Frankly, some of them just baffle us.

The 8 oz. Mr. Pen Hammer

8-ounce Mr Pen hammer tools you should avoid

Remarkably—this small hammer finds itself at the top of the Amazon best-selling list. While we get the concept of a small hammer, an 8-ounce model just seems ridiculously small. In fact, a hammer this small actually generates a good bit of injury since you’re just as likely to smash your knuckles on the material as hit your target. You get no leverage…no power…seriously, where’s the upside here besides the fact that it costs $7?

Even the description for this tool seems a bit ridiculous and reaching. “Small Hammer for Women”…really? That just seems off-putting. Instead of this, grab a small 16-ounce Craftsman hammer that can actually help you accomplish some work. Don’t buy these “stubby” tools. They have no place in a DIYers tool bag let alone anyone else’s who works professionally!

Tools You Should Avoid Include No-Name Drills from No-Name Brands

With a variety of economical options from the likes of Hart Tools, Ryobi, Skil Tools, and more, it baffles us when consumers buy into no-name tool brands. Not only do these tools not pass the “smell test” with their bargain-basement pricing, but you also can’t expand the line.

That’s right. Most of these brands lack any sort of expandability in what would be considered their “power tool line. You might find a chainsaw or a pair of clippers. You might also find gardening tools, back massagers, and a USB jumpstarter. What you likely won’t find are any more power tools. Need a compatible circular saw or sander? Good luck. Reciprocating saw? Forgeddaboudit. Don’t buy these tools and put them on your “tools you should avoid” list. Stick with the name brands—you’ll thank us later!

Swiss Army Knife SwissChamp XLT

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XLT pocket knife

We love Swiss Army knives. When we think of a Swiss Army Knife, we think of a handy multi-tool that you can keep in your pocket for emergencies. Typically, these are not tools you should avoid.

So when you run out of making small, handy knives, what do you do? Well, if you are Swiss Army, you apparently make the SwissChamp XLT. This 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.3-inch behemoth isn’t something you’d want in your pocket. Heck, we don’t know you’d want it at all.

For $240 does anyone seriously want to carry a knife THAT big around? With 50 (count’em) features, the thing practically needs a remote control. This really isn’t a knife so much as a statement piece.

  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. corkscrew
  4. can opener with
  5. small screwdriver
  6. cap lifter with
  7. screwdriver
  8. wire stripper
  9. reamer, punch
  10. Key ring inox
  11. tweezers
  12. toothpick
  13. scissors
  14. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
  15. wood saw
  16. fish scaler with
  17. hook discorger
  18. ruler (cm + inches)
  19. nailfile with
  20. metal file
  21. nail cleaner
  22. metal saw
  23. screwdriver 2.5mm
  24. chisel
  25. pliers with
  26. wire crimping tool
  27. wire cutters
  28. Philips screwdrivermagnifying lens 5x
  29. ballpoint pen with
  30. also to set DIP-Switch
  31. pin stainless
  32. mini-screwdriver
  33. sewing eye
  34. pharmaceutical spatula
  35. bit case
  36. bitwrench with
  37. bit Hex 5 mm female for D-SUB connectors
  38. 4 mm female Hex drive for the bits
  39. Philips 0 bit
  40. Philips 1 bit
  41. slotted 4 mm bit
  42. Philips 2 bit
  43. Hex 4 mm bit
  44. Torx 8 bit
  45. Torx 10 bit
  46. Third Torx 15 bit
  47. pruning blade
  48. electrician’s blade with
  49. wire scraper

Universal 48-in-1 Socket Wrench

tools that baffle us Universal 48-in-1 Socket Wrench

This is another tool that seems to overreach. Originally made as the Black and Decker Ready Wrench, this tool easily falls on our tools you should avoid list. It has 8 different heads on one tool. This is supposed to allow you to leave your socket set at home and just tuck this in your tool belt.

While we get the concept, this tool really seems ideal for the Ikea crowd (no offense!) We just don’t see how 16 sizes (mixed between metric and SAE) lets you keep your wrenches at home. Plus, we know it’s supposed to be convenient and all, but this thing just looks like you’ll never find the right size. It also bulks up the tool, making it a bit unwieldy in the hand.

Our call? Stick with a traditional set of 1/4-inch sockets and ratchets.

LoggerHead Tools 8-inch Bionic Wrench

Loggerhead bionic adjustable wrench tools you should avoid

Having already looked at and dismissed the Black and Decker Auto Wrench as one of the chief tools that baffle us, we can’t also forget the “Bionic Wrench”. While this tool genuinely looks like it might make a good gift, don’t buy these tools if you consider yourself a serious DIY or Pro tool user.

This tool promises it “grips all six sides” of a nut or bolt. Do you know what else grips all six sides? A wrench. The super-wide handle spread and overall size more than negate the “benefits” of an automatically adjusting wrench.

This falls squarely in the gimmick category for us.

Pink Tools

Don’t. Just…don’t. These tools that baffle us insult almost everybody, and we can’t understand why anyone makes or sells them. While we don’t necessarily hate the color pink, these tools don’t simply carry the color. They seem aimed at particular users ina. way that screams “I made these overseas and have very stereotypical views of who should use these…”

Instead of shopping by color, take a look at our articles on picking the best cordless drills, best screwdriver sets, best impact drivers, and best reciprocating saws to find the top products.

Other Tools that Baffle Us

Of course, we know you were expecting auto hammers to make the list. But really, haven’t we harped on them enough? Besides, we don’t see too many of these for sale anymore. There are plenty of others. We can’t imagine why manufacturers continue to put out tool sets aimed at women in pink or covered in flowers. These and other baffling tools come from some of our favorite manufacturers, which just goes to show that you can’t hit a home run every time.

What tools do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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