Festool Centrotec 89-piece Installer Set

Festool Centrotec Installer Set 201312 angled

We first got our hands on the Centrotec system when we reviewed the Festool TI 15 impact drill driver back in 2013. For those who use the Centrotec system, the idea of a comprehensive Festool Centrotec 89-piece Installer Set might seem pretty good. Centrotec kits have been out for some time, but the new 89-piece version features Robertson-style square-drive, all-new imperial brad point drill bits, socket adapters, and more. If you pick this up you’ll have drilling and driving solutions for just about any application. Altogether this set puts the right bit, countersink, bit holder or extender in the hands of Festool users so they have everything they need.

Festool Centrotec 89-piece Installer Set Features

The Centrotec accessories use a no-slip, quick-change shank compatible with any tool using the Festool Centrotec System. These accessories will, of course, also work with any keyless or three-jaw chuck, and we’ve come to appreciate the build quality of Festool products. Their abrasives last longer then most, and their accessories—including the drill and driver bits—are machined from high-grade steel, giving you not only a proper fit, but reduced runout as well. You’ll likely get more life out of them than generic products. The Festool Centrotec 89-piece Installer Set comes in a  nice Sustainer case, with removable molded inserts to organize everything neatly—and hold it securely. At $299 it isn’t cheap, but it’s a great way to make sure you and your team have everything they need to get the job done.

Festool Centrotec Installer Set 201312
Centrotec Installer Set 201312

Festool Centrotec 89-piece Installer Set Contents

  • Centrotec Installer Set 201312 angledSystainer SYS 1 TL
  • TwinBox Bit Storage Box
  • Centrotec Bit Holder BHS 65
  • Centrotec Bit Holder BH 60
  • Centrotec Bit Extension
  • Centrotec Adapter
  • Screwdriver Centrotec Drive
  • 1/4” CENTROTEC Socket Adapter
  • 3/8” CENTROTEC Socket Adapter
  • 5 x Square Drive #1–25 mm
  • 10 x Square Drive #2–25 mm
  • 5 x Square Drive #3–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Phillips PH 1–25 mm
  • 10 x Bit Phillips PH 2–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Phillips PH 3–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Torx TX 15–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Torx TX 20–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Torx TX 25–25 mm
  • 5 x Bit Torx TX 30–25 mm
  • Bit Phillips PH 1–100 mm
  • Bit Phillips PH 2–100 mm
  • Bit Phillips PH 3–100 mm
  • Bit Torx TX 15–100 mm
  • Bit Torx TX 20–100 mm
  • Bit Torx TX 25–100 mm
  • Bit Torx TX 30–100 mm
  • Bit Square Drive #1–100 mm
  • Bit Square Drive #2–100 mm
  • Bit Square Drive #3–100 mm
  • Centrotec Pilotless Countersink
  • Centrotec Countersink with Pilot Bit and Depth-Stop
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/8”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 3/16”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/4”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 5/16”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 3/8”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 7/16”
  • Brad-point Drill Bit 1/2”

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