October 19, 2021

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Festool Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set

FEstool Systainer Installers Set

Festool Systainer Installer’s Set Offers Unmatched Organization

The Festool Limited Edition Systainer Installer’s Set comes across as an interesting solution for tool organization and storage. The four units that make up the system use the T-Loc latching system to keep your tools secure and protected during transport. Festool designed it to provide a turn-key solution for finish carpenters, kitchen installers, millwork installers, and other onsite trade professionals.

10-Second Summary

  • Festool Systainer Installer’s Set is comprised of 4 units that lock together using T-Loc latching system
  • Sys-Toolbox keeps commonly used tools close at hand
  • Sys-StorageBox’s horizontal orientation keeps everything in place with grab-n-go bale handle
  • Sys 1 Blue connects to the full systainer system along with sortainers and Festool’s line of CT dust extractors.
  • Sys-MFT provides worktable functionality and provides storage for clamps and tools
  • Installer’s Set comes with two ratcheting quick clamps and containers
  • Available in October

Strong Enough for All Trades, Made for Installers

Festool has designed the Installer’s Set to house every tool, component part, and accessory that an installer would need on the jobsite. It doesn’t include all the tools you need, mind you. It just provides the organizational structure for you to easily access materials. Festool hopes to enable users to work faster, easier, and more efficiently on the jobsite. Each tool has a specific position in one of the four systainers included in this Systainer Set.

You can customize each Systainer with the included container boxes, organizing different sized accessories and consumables. All of it stays secure in the stackable and interlocking set.

Stacking the Set

In this set, you get a lot of helpful storage. First, the Festool Installer’s Systainer Set includes the Sys-Toolbox which keeps frequently-used tools and accessories in reach with its easy-access design.

Next, the Sys-StorageBox features a horizontal orientation to keep everything in place. You get a large bale-style handle, making it easy to grab and go.

Thirdly, the Sys 1 Blue Systainer connects to the full sustainer system along with Sortainers and Festool’s line of CT dust extractors.

Finally, the Sys-MFT combines worktable functionality with a built-in V-groove for securing pipes and dowels, as well as a non-skid strip for workpiece security.

The Festool Installer’s Systainer Set also comes with two ratcheting quick clamps and additional container boxes.

Pricing and Availability

Happily, the Festool Limited Edition Installer’s Systainer Set hits shelves in October 2020. It will retail for around $275. For more information, visit Festool by clicking here.

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I would love to see a video comparison between these, the new Dewalt system and the Milwaukee system.

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